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…... explosions everywhere, buildings falling and ships exploding. The Odyssey blows up and crashes into the mountain.

I am a rifleman for the 64th attack, a group of pilots who created their own army. It's not our war, but we fight for the side that's right, the Frontier. My squad started with 20 people, but has been cut down to just my two friends, Simmons and Griff.

After the Odyssey crashed, we had assumed that there was no hope for us. Then, another Marauder ship flew over and dropped pod like things, that blew up, and titans came out of them. These titans were giant robot like creatures, which a pilot can actually get inside of, but they can also act on their own. When they hit the ground, we could feel it shake beneath us.. While the three of us went for cover, enemy pilots started coming for us.  Right then and there we knew we were dead.

Just, when we felt all hope was lost, the most famous pilot of the Frontier came to our rescue, Jack Cooper. Jack became famous for destroying entire armies of enemy titans with his titan BT-7274. He gathered all the bullets fired at us with his vortex shield and fired back at the pilots. When the Marauder pilots were gone, my group ran for cover again. However, the building we chose, was destroyed by a friendly titan being thrown into it and exploding.

When I woke up, I was in the infirmary with extra things hooked up to me, and I were strapped down, as were my friends. I was worried. A nurse came in, I asked what we were hooked up to and why.

All she said was, “You're about to go into a simulation.”

After she said that, I fell back asleep and woke up in a place, that I didn't recognize, but Simmons and Griff were there, too.

Suddenly, the famous pilot Jack Cooper shot out of nowhere and said, “Welcome to pilot training.”

I was shocked, after all only the best were trained to be Frontier pilots.  Jack told us that we would start with jumping and sliding, then double jumping, wall running, and shooting.

On the day before we become full on pilots, we were sent to Jack who said, “It’s time to call down your titan, but first you need to select your titan, customize it and name it.”

Simmons chose Ronin, a skinny titan with a gun called Leadwall and a sword. Griff basically copied Simmons. Now it was my turn to choose a titan.I was looking through them when I came to one, that seemed to be calling my name. I asked Cooper what kind of titan it was.

“It’s the newest addition to the titans. It is called Legion.  It is named that, because we authorized heavy weapons, and it's restricted to pilots.”

I chose Scorch,  but all I wanted to do was use that legion. After all the talk, Cooper said to call our titans. First Simmons called his down, like a meteor it came crashing into the ground. Then Griff’s came down. Now it was my turn. I called and within five seconds it hit the ground. With the impact, the ground shook like it was splitting open, throwing dirt and rocks into the air. When the dust cleared, my Legion was standing there on guard. Right when they were about to open their cockpits, everything glitched in the simulation.  When our sim pods opened, Cooper said that we were under attack by the Marauders and needed to get out there now.

We were dropped in a drop pod. When we hit the ground, the drop pod door blew open and we rushed out, instant chaos. Gunfire everywhere. It was a battle of titans. The more famous pilots were destroying enemy titans, when out of nowhere some very skilled enemy pilots with titans came in and pulled one of the friendly titan’s battery out and pushed it to the ground. Then a Legion came out of the bushes and shot another pilot and titan. Next, the most horrific thing happened. An enemy Ronin came out of nowhere and ripped out Jack’s BT’s battery. The Legion came over, and kicked him over.

After the enemy titans left, Griff, Simmons and I went over to the BT. The hatch opened and Cooper fell out.

Dying, Cooper opened his helmet and said with his last breath, “Get back to Commander Gates… tell her I said to get you your titans and equipment.” We covered his body in rocks as a makeshift grave and headed back to Gates.

When we found Gates, we told her exactly what Cooper had told us. She had us come to a special room to get our suits on.  Simmons chose to have a grapple pilot configuration, Griff chose the same, and I chose the hologram pilot. Then she told Simmons and Griff to get in their titans, which had been prepared.  Then she looked at me and said that I had a decision to make, Scorch or Legion. I immediately jumped on legion. I then got my weapons, the car and a Wingman Elite.  For my anti titan weapon, I chose a mini grenade launcher, better known as a MGL.  

I was brought up to a heavy cargo ship and we flew over the battlefield. Gates came over my helmet radio, “Prepare for titanfall.”

Falling from the ship in my legion was quick. I landed in between Griff and Simmons, indenting the ground. I got up and pulled my predator cannon out and started firing on the enemy. Griff was phasing all over the place, slicing enemies with his Ronin sword. Simmons was shooting everything he saw, and I was shooting the enemy titans with the close range mode. I then switched to long range mode and drilled the enemy titans with drill shot.

After battling for a while, another Legion came and was obliterating some friendly titans. One was just about to blow up and kill the pilot, when Simmons came out of phase and knocked back the Legion. Then an Ion came out of the bushes and knocked Simmons way back. Simmons couldn't get up, because his titan’s leg was broken.  

My legion spoke to me in a deep voice, “Pilot, we can take out the legion with an assassination, but you will have to get me to the right place first.”

I started running towards the Legion and pressed a button that my Legion told me to press, when I was close. My titan took his Predator cannon and knocked the gun out of the enemy's hand and they swiped back and broke one off the legs on the enemy Legion. They started getting a power shot going, when an enemy Ronin came out and sliced my legion’s arm off. When that happened, it caused the Predator cannon to go off and hit Griff, who just came out of phase going after the enemy ronin. Griff was blown backwards and was unresponsive. Then the same enemy Ion that had killed BT’s original pilot came up to me, and stuck her energy rifle to my Legion’s face. A thousand things raced through my mind. I thought my life was over.

Then the most remarkable thing happened, BT came charging in and tackled the Ion and flipped it on its back. Griff came over and opened my Legion’s hatch and asked if I was okay. I tried to respond,  but I couldn’t I was scared speechless. Griff grabbed me and pulled me into some cover and called a heavy evac transport. When the evac got here, it picked up my legion, and Griff picked me up and helped me to the ship. Another ship came for Simmons and his titan, and we were all taken back to the Frontier.

When everything settled down, I wanted to find out who it was that fixed BT and saved me. I went looking for Gates and found her looking at a map in the battle plan room. I walked up to her and asked who it was that was piloting BT.

She turned to me and said, “ Pilot Preston.”

I stood there in astonishment.  My other school friend had joined the 64 and became a pilot, too! I thought that only Griff, Simmons and I had joined the 64.

I went back to the heavy class titans and found my legion with some Marvin's (small robots) all over him, repairing his arm. I moved on to the strider class and found Griffs Ronin, with a big chunk of the cockpit on his right side. I went looking for Simmons to tell him who was piloting BT, when he came to my aid.

I found Simmons in the barracks and told him. He didn't seem surprised at all. Then Commander Gate’s voice came over the coms and asked for every pilot to report to the planning room ASAP.

Upon our arrival,  she was in the middle of explaining what was happening, when I caught Preston, in the corner of my eye. I made my way through the crowd of pilots to get to him, but then Gates called me up to the front to explain what had happened, when I was almost killed. I went to the front and started explaining how my Legion was overpowered by three enemy titans when BT rushed over and saved my life. That's where I ended the explanation and saw Preston start clapping. The crowd joined in. Then Gates asked for me meet her in her control room.

When I arrived  Griff, Simmons and Preston were already there. Gates explained how Preston was linked to BT in battle and bringing batteries to him after Jack transferred authorization. He was also going to be part of my group. She then dismissed us, but held me back for a few minutes to tell me that I had to assassinate the pilot and legion that had been there when I almost died.

When I reached the titan bay, I gave them roles. I got in my titan I named Blue and pressed the launch button. When we hit the ground, it was quiet thanks to Gates’ idea of putting rubber padding under our titans’ feet. When we got there, the target was  standing there. I started walking forward. As I was about to execute him, the Ronin came out of nowhere and flung me back with his sword. Then  Griff, Simmons and Preston opened fire on them. The legion, Ion and a couple tones took cover from the bullets. I got Blue back up and started walking into the fight, when the Ronin came back and tried to cut Blue’s hatch open, but he put his gun up just in time to deflect it. He got up and rammed the Predator cannon into the Ronin’s hatch and started spinning up a power shot. Then blew a hole through the Ronin. Then I got Blue to run straight through the gunfire to get to the target before he got away.

When I got there the enemy Tones were destroyed and the Ion had been captured. Blue ran to the Legion and grabbed him by in the back and flung him onto his front side and bashed the Predator cannon into his power box and just fired a whole drum of rounds into the Legion. When the lights on the Legion finally flickered off, I got out of Blue and opened the Legion’s hatch and found the pilot dead.

When we got back to base, my group was awarded with medals and new patches to put on our suits. When everything was over, I was in my room, when I heard that I had a message. I went over to my computer and read, “ Good job pilot, you have successfully killed my decoy.”

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