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I looked around, there was no pearly gate, no aura of sunshine and glinting gold specks, just an enormously tall cave. I knew that this was it, this was what religion talked about, what man feared. I was in hell. I felt the presence of the cave as if it were breathing down my neck. Then there was a voice,

“Welcome,” it boomed.

“Who are you?” I questioned trying to maintain my composure.

“You know who I am,” it answered, and I did.

“The devil.” I stammered “Why me? I’ve lived as good as I could”. Silence claimed the area as my words died out. It seemed like an hour before any response came.

“What did you expect?” Came the voice.

“I don't know… I never really believed in any of this.” I uttered, “Is that why I’m here?” The deafening silence remained, so I continued, "They say the greatest trick you ever pulled was convincing the world you don't exist.”

“No, the greatest trick I ever pulled was convincing the world that there is an alternative.”

“There is no God?” I shivered. The cave then shook with the words that the strange voice spoke,

“No, I am God”

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