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Eyes tightly shut, covered with dirt and salt. The young boy felt himself become heavily submerged. A metallic taste filled his mouth, and water filled his lungs. It's over, it's over, a voice echoed in his head. It felt as though he had millions of wasps pounding down on his eardrums. Increasingly, it got louder and louder.

The boy wanted to panic; he wanted to kick and scream and let the whole world know that he could not get out. Only seven years old, his life was painfully being stripped away from underneath him.

It felt as though the sky was collapsing in on him; as though he was numb yet felt all the pain in the world. He sunk deeper and deeper, yet he lacked the strength to move a single limb.

He tried in a feeble attempt to gasp for breath, and that was when the rest of the water came in.

He could not remember a single thing after that; only darkness.

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