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In The Beginning 
            Once, many years ago, there was nothing but a big pit of darkness and murky liquid. It was called Kaoso. Kaoso eventually grew to take a somewhat human form, and gain his own consciousness. But all that time spent alone, it made him miserable. He wanted someone to spend time with, someone to be friends with, someone… to love. He became so desperate that he went into a mad state and isolated himself for decades. After many years of labor, he had finally created a perfect womanly creature. She looked like a human but he could tell she was something else. Using his god-like powers, he gave life to the figure. He named her Erzulie. She was everything that he was not, kind, compassionate, romantic, beautiful, and he immediately fell in love. It was not long before she began to feel the same way. They both had only felt complete when together, because Erzulie made him feel humane, and compassionate and Kaoso gave her the ability to fight for her love and for what she believed in. Erzulie was now the goddess of love and her job was to make sure that each species could repopulate and find happiness in love. Now that Erzulie was alive and had her own consciousness, they could live together, in harmony and love. They were no longer lonely, for they had each other. And they loved each other for millions of years, after that day. 
            Eventually, they decided to start a family. Erzulie gave birth to their daughter Agwe first, and they could tell that she was different. She could manipulate liquids to her will, and even lift up entire rivers with her mind. She was dubbed the Goddess of Water and when she was born, the now dead Earth was showered with water, ridding it of the murky liquid it had been smothered with.  Two hundred years later, Erzulie had twins which she named Asaka and Papa Ge. These two were very different in terms of their powers but, for a while, they had the same cheerful personality. For instance, Asaka, at age two hundred, created the first man and woman, while her brother, five hundred years later, helped them meet their doom. Asaka gave food and trees to the animals of the Earth while Papa Ge took their souls when it was time to go. Together this family of gods created life on Earth, and have ruled over it ever since.

Asaka’s Carrot
            The first thing Asaka ever grew was a carrot. She had been playing in the dirt, at age two, when she touched something and all of the sudden it grew and grew, until she held a foot-long Carrot in her arms. She ran, in fear, to her mother and cried asking why the dirt had turned into a long orange mango. “Oh, my little mango, you grew a carrot! It is a type of vegetable and it tastes very good in soup.” 
            “No!”, Asaka cried, “Don’t put it in soup! It is a friend!” 
            “Oh? You've already made it your friend?” 
             “Yes mama, It’s called Skinny Mango.” Erzulie smiled, 
             “Why don’t you go show your brother? I’m sure Papa Ge would love to meet Skinny Mango.” 
             “Okay!” Asaka ran off to find him.
            “Apa ay! Apa ay! I made a friend!” Papa Ge looked up in surprise, 
            “Asaka, can I see it?” Asaka held out the carrot, “His name is Skinny Mango! He is my best friend, but you are better.” 
            “Can I hold him?”, asked Papa Ge. 
            “Okay!” Papa Ge gently took the carrot out of Asaka’s hands, looking at it in wonder, but as soon as he touched it, it turned into dust. Papa Ge looked down, his face quivering, his eyes filling with tears. He started crying. 
            “I-I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to! H-he was your best friend, I’m s-so sorry!” 
            Asaka hugged her brother and said, “You are my best friend.” 
            “Here.” He carefully gave Asaka the dust, and as soon as it touched Asaka’s hands, it turned back into a healthy carrot. 
            “See? He’s okay! You didn’t hurt him. Do you want to hold him again?” 
            “No! I might make him dusty” 
            “You can still play with him.”, said Asaka. 
            “I guess so.” From that day on, Asaka always slept with her carrot, and Papa Ge never touched one again.

Dead Zone Bedroom
            A dead zone is a place in the sea where too much algae is growing and sucking up oxygen, and when it dies, it clogs up the water around it so that the dying sea creatures can’t escape. The very first dead zone occurred when Agwe, Asaka, and Papa Ge all slept in the same hut. As she dreamt, Agwe slowly flooded the island that their hut was on and filled the hut with water. Eventually, the whole hut was flooded, but it didn’t wake anyone up because they were all immortal. Young Asaka, who did not quite have control of her powers, woke up, created a ton of algae and fish, thought it was a dream, and went back to sleep. Papa Ge, however, woke up, knowing that it wasn’t a dream and decided that maybe it would be helpful to use his powers to try and get the algae, fish and water out of the hut. So, he started to kill the algae, which started clogging up the water and made it harder and harder to get everything out. Papa Ge gave up and went back to sleep. The algae that was still alive began to overgrow and it started using up all of the oxygen, which rapidly began killing the fish. At that point, Erzulie woke up and completely freaked out! She woke up her husband and ran to get her children. 
            “Asaka! Papa Ge! Agwe! Wake up, we have to get out of here!”  The Gods evacuated their hut, leaving the sunken island and the first dead zone behind them.

The End of Kaoso
            The Gods had been living in peace for many years, when one day Erzulie found Kaoso kissing a mortal woman. 
            “Kaoso,” she cried, “Why do you do this to me? We are married! We have children! And yet you betray me and find love with a mortal?” 
            “Erzulie, please! You have not truly loved me since our children were born! I was desperate! I need love to make me emotionally stable!” 
            Erzulie was sobbing now, “Then why did you choose to leave me instead of asking me to show you more affection? Am I not good enough for you?” 
            “No! I-,” 
            “Stop! Go and live with your mortal lover! If you are not going to care for me, then there is no need for you to still live with us! You can visit the kids once a month. Goodbye.” And so she left him alone.
            A few months later, things had fallen through with his mortal lover and he had gone into a state of despair and mental instability. He had completely lost his sense of humanity and kindness, and his only thing to do now was to destroy the planet. He had been ravaging the Earth for months, and was about to give the final blow when, Erzulie stepped in. She could not let him rip apart the planet that they had worked so hard to create, so she used her godly powers to seal him under the crust of the Earth. There he has stayed for thousands of years and sometimes, he can use his powers to change the mood of the other gods, and manipulate them to cause mass destruction. He is the god of chaos, after all.
            To this day, Erzulie still misses and loves him.

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