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The rain itself, stopped to look out to the crimson sky and pin its liquid ways somewhere else. In the rain and mysterious sky, Nadja, with her green cape and rusted boots, walked next to her friend goblin and set away north to an almost deserted village she knew well. Her friend goblin, Gor, was green and had pointed ears, he was one of the few in the village that had begun a friendship with Nadja, a human. Bigger yet, she was the one that accepted him. 

"Up the mountain, down there is the village," Nadja said. "Maybe we should go back, look there's the str-," 

"We're not going back, for years people have struck chaos and begun to wreak havoc on streets, for reasons I still see no point in doing so for," Gor finally let out, annoyed with the people in the village that have criticized his friendship with a human. 

"Well, I do want to go back to the tiny village I come from, some people will never understand why but, let's go. I know the others will see why, very soon." They rode away, into the peaks of colorful clouds. 

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