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Scarlet felt a tug on her long shirt that stretched to her bony legs. She hadn’t checked the time in hours since she last fell asleep. When she went to look at her clock it wasn’t on her nightstand like it always was. She got up from her bed and started at the pearly vanity with the mirror reflecting her dark room. You could see her body shape in the mirror. She felt like someone else had been there, she looked into the mirror and all her piles of clothes had been there laying. She looked back into the mirror and didn’t see the shape of the piles anymore, more like a person. She looked around for her light switch but it also seemed to be missing. It was like everything was disappearing by the second. Her room was now white walls and everything went blank. Scarlet felt like she was flying, no feeling and no worries. Everything stopped and the glass on her vanity had shattered. The echo of it breaking hurt her ears. When she turned around it was her alarm clock blaring its noises, that woke her up every morning.

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