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She was rosy cheeks and all, the best thing I could have asked for, the apple of my eye. I can still feel her little fingers gripping around my thumb, her high pitched giggle echoing across ever room she entered. I can still see her autumn burned hair in messy braids,  freckles spotted across her face, and her smile brighter than any sun in our galaxy. She would frolic in our yard, grass sticking to her shoes, and twigs in her hand. She was kind, too kind for the god cursed world of man, she deserved better.  I can still recall the day when she first experienced cruelness. It was because of a girl, she teased her for mispronouncing a word. Why were they so mean she would complain to me, my response would be, some people are just like that. I did not want to ruin her with the truth of the world, that everything is more complex than it seems. Oh sweetie, i'll see you soon. And the lonely rose was placed on stone.

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