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“Scarlet Jones? You're right on time.” I sat down across from the tall man. His nametag read “Azazel”; perhaps he was from another country.

“Azazel” ran a hand through his hair. “Allow me to explain the position you applied for. This position- which we like to call daemonifer- is simple. If you get the job, you will be assigned to one of our demons here at Hellbound.”

Wait...demons? Hellbound? “You will serve as this demon’s vessel for a few hours each day, or for however long it-”

“W-wait,” I interrupted, “a...demon, sir?” What kind of place is this?! I just wanted to earn some money!

“Indeed. You lend us your body, we give you anything you want; just name your price.”

I impulsively bit my fingernails. He did say he’d give me anything I want. And people already tell me I'm a terrible why not get paid for being one?

“Money. I want money,” I croaked, without a trace of hesitation.

Lucy flashed a crooked smile. “Can do, Jones. We'll get back to you in a few days.”

Though I hadn't yet gotten the job, my fate seemed set in stone as we shook hands.