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Nooooooo!!! Stop it KrillIn. Woah let's go back to the beginning.When Goku first met Vegeta fought the battle that would start their eternal rivalry. KA ME HA ME HAAAAAAA!!! Yelled Goku, which is his signature move,. GALIC GUN!!!! Yelled Vegeta, his signature move. The two clash with equal power, but then Goku pulls out his double edged sword the Kaio Ken. As Goku’s blast hits Vegeta, he lays his trump card the great ape formation. The two clash with the ending being all of Goku’s bones shattered and Vegeta barely scrambling to get to his ship. The fact of the matter was Krillin was gonna kill Vegeta but Goku yelled at Krillin and told him to allow Vegeta to escape.From that day Vegeta lived with the fact that he was spared by his very own… to be continued...never.

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