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February break, I thought i’d lay back and be lazy, but when I got into my mom’s car something licked me. I looked to my right and jumped. There inches from my leg was a dog. I found out we would be watching him the entire break.

The dog immediately loved me, whenever I moved he’d follow. I’d play with him for hours. He even slept on my bed, and he'd stay by my side all night. Whenever I got mad or sad, he would always be there, and every time he made me feel better, being my best friend that was always there for me. The worst day of break was the last day, because I knew it was the last day I’d have with him. That night I said my goodbyes, and we went to bed. I didn't want to say goodbye. I wanted him to stay.

Morning came, my mom woke me up, still there with my arms wrapped around him. We both got up and went to the car. As my mom drove off with the dog, one last time, I said with a single tear fell down my cheek,  Goodbye Charlie.”

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