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Open a book, turn the pages.
Take my hand and kiss me till the sun disappears. Hold me until it reappears on the opposite horizon. Tell me you love me. Explore with me, just as I might explore you and all that you mean to me. It can be an adventure, just you and me.
All of the newest technology could be our success, or perhaps our demise. Bring me the future, whether it be improvement or destruction. I want to see all that we can accomplish, and all the dreams that might come true.
Transport me to the past. Let me see a fresh perspective of an old event. I want to understand the reason behind all that I know today, but show me your slice of time in a way that I could never comprehend through simple facts.
Show me a world that I could never have imagined by myself. Create an entire new universe and season it with that sweet, beautiful magic. Feed me a taste, and let me savor it fully, so I might be immersed in its flavor.
Explore a story with me. Let’s experience a world beyond our own, together.

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