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     Happiness, excitement, and woebegone is all over my system.

     I ran to the green field filled with peace and serenity. The flowers of different shades of colors are evident all over the place. I almost slipped because of the adrenaline coated sadness rushing in my body.

     The sound of medals hanged on my neck synced to the sirens of my heart, holding a rectangular bounded paper.

     Steps away, my knees trembled but it doesn’t stop me from walking towards her. I sat down and smiled. Cold wind caressed my hair gently.

     I slowly wiped the dirt on her tomb and whispered between his sobs.

    “Mom, I did it. I made our dreams come true.”

    He placed his medal and his diploma in her graveyard and gently wished,

    “I wish you’re here.”

Surigao del Norte
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