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Chapter One: The New Kid


One day there was a girl name Alexis, she was very shy so she wouldn’t have to speak to anyone because she thought no one would never like as a person. Then she thought no one would ever like her face for how she looks so she covers her face in silent forever in her life. Then the other day she walked in the school she doesn’t look at people and keeps on walking to her locker and went to class. All day she never said a word all through school she never said something to anyone.  She does the same thing every day over and over. But then the other day someone saw her and said WEIRDO!!!   And then Alexis walked away feeling sad for herself, after  school  she  went  home her mom and dad  said Alexis  can  you please  do the  dishes and  then we can watch  television together. Alexis just did  the  dishes and went up stair did her homework and went to bed  she thought maybe she wasn’t  so shy anymore she can talk to people and have fun and show how she feel’s instead of being so shy all the time.


The next day Alexis woke up, it was Friday she got dress did her hair and went down stair to eat breakfast. Her mom went to work early her dad was cooking her some waffles, bacon, eggs, and orange juices. After eating I got to school and there was a new kid his name was Jason I was shocked to see him because I never saw him he was so nice and kind of a smart guy that she ever saw in her life.


He was talking and making new friends then he saw me I was so shy to even show any emotion he was right in front of me and said in my face, hey my name is Jason what’s your name. I was so shy and a little brave to myself I said my name is Alexis everyone was so amazed for what just happen.


No one ever saw Alexis talk before to any one in her life. Jason said so do you want to hang out sometime after school, Alexis said … uh …okay then she went to class and  started doing her work  Alexis couldn’t stop thinking  about Jason she started to have feelings about him like she was falling in love with him.


After school Alexis went to go find Jason she couldn’t find him anywhere so she went to her locker and there he was waiting for me at my locker. On his phone texting Alexis walked to her locker he saw me and said  there you are do you want to go to the park and she said okay, she got her stuff and started walking with Jason just thinking what to say to him. 


They open the school doors and they started walking to the park. They were almost there then he said uh…so Alexis why don’t you ever talk to anyone.  Then Alexis said uh…because I thought that no one would like me as a person or even like my face, and then Jason said well I like you as a person and I really wish I knew more about you.

Alexis was so shocked for what Jason said to her and Alexis starts looking at Jason at his eyes and his face. His eyes were blue like the sky and his face was light skin and very handsome like any other guy she has ever seen when she’s hanging out with him.


Alexis wasn’t even looking where she was going, she fell on the ground and her ankle hurts so bad she was about to cry then Jason saw her face was showing when Jason was helping her out he saw her face he look at her face for a really long time her face was brown eyes, her skin was light, and her hair long and black.




Alexis was shocked that her face was showing, Alexis said DON’T LOOK AT ME!! Jason said its okay…. Its okay then Alexis said what you by that Jason, he said it mean that your face is beautiful Alexis.




Alexis was so surprises because she never heard anyone say that to her before she always had a hood coving her face.



Alexis ankle still hurt’s really bad Jason picked her up and carries her all the way to her house so she can relax her ankle. Alexis woke up from her bed she tried to stand up but her ankle still hurt’s so she stayed in bed her mom came in to check on her ankle she said sweetheart I think your ankle is broken I’m taking you to the doctor so he or she can help you heal your pain. Alexis waited so her mom can help her get up and walk to the car.  


Chapter Two: Broken Ankle


When Alexis got in the car she put on her seat belt her mom started the car, then she turn on the radio to her song. Alexis was listening to her song and she started singing it, ‘oh her eyes, her eyes make the made the star like they’re not shining her hair, her hair looks perfectly without her trying her so beautiful and I tell every day. Then they were at the hospital they walked inside and check in and sat down to wait so someone can call Alexis name then her phone beeped she grab her phone out of her pocket and someone texted her she look at the text message and it said.



Unknown number: 856-641-9867

Hey Alexis I hope you’re okay I really hope I get to see you tomorrow Jason.


Alexis was so shocked that how Jason got her number. Her mom look at Alexis phone and said I gave that Jason boy your phone number Alexis said MOM WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT!!!! Mom said well he help you get home safe and he was so worry about you so I gave your number to him.



The nurse called Alexis’s name her mom tried to get her up so they could check on her ankle, the nurse said Alexis the doctor will come in a minute. Alexis waited for the doctor Alexis said mom I hope that I’ll be able to go to school tomorrow, then all of sudden the doctor came in and she said hello Alexis I’m here to check if your ankle is broken or not. My nurse will get you a wheel chair so you can get your x-ray done Alexis said okay, the nurse came with the wheel chair so they can put me in the wheel chair they help me up so I can sit in the wheel chair they push me all the way to get my x-rays.


I got my x- rays and the doctor took a look at them and said Alexis your ankle is broken so I’m going to wrap it up and give you crutches so you can will be able to walk, I grab my crutches so I could tried to walk all the way to the front desk so I could check out and rest, mom checked us out and then we walk to the car I opened the car door I got in and sat down and I turn on the radio so I can listen to “ Bruno Mars Just The Way You Are”.


           After the long car ride we finally made it back home it was hard for me to walk with crutches but I am happy to see Jason at school tomorrow, we open the door and then we saw dad cooking for us he made my favorite food ever he made us tacos for dinner. I was finish dinner and I got up and started walking toward the couch after I got to the couch I sat down and watch television to my favorite show law in order. Then after the show was almost over I got a text from Jason I grab my phone and look at the message.


Jason 855-641-9867

Hey Alexis I really hope you’re okay and also I got you something since you got I’ll bring it for you at school tomorrow.


After looking at the text that Jason send I’ll write to him for being so kind to me from the beaning we first met.


Alexis 855- 687- 8765

Hey Jason I’m okay I just broke my ankle but I’m okay thank you being there to help me out I can’t wait to see you at school tomorrow.


After a long crazy day I’m going to bed I  grab my crutches and went upstairs and fell right to sleep in my nice warm bed I can’t wait to see Jason tomorrow and see what he got me. 




Tuesday morning I was up to get ready but I got to be really careful after what happen to me, also I can’t wait to see Jason today is going to be okay I just hope I won’t get shy in front of Jason plus he can’t know how I feel about him.




  After I got ready me and my crutches went downstairs and dad made me breakfast  it was pancakes with strawberry and powder sugar it was so good after that dad drive me all the way to school and I was okay about it. It’s normal for a sixteen year old and her dad chilling in the car.


After I got to school I went inside and everybody was just talking and taking so many selfies of themselves I walked all the way to my locker with my crutches and then I saw Jason standing next to my locker and that’s  when he saw me with my crutches and my ankle wrap up. Jason ran right in front of me and said Alexis I’m so glad I got to see you again I was so worried about you I thought you wouldn’t come to school.



Alexis said Jason….I’m ….okay really you don’t have to worry about me. Jason said no way Alexis you’re a good person and also I’m your friend and friends help each other out no matter what happen after what Jason said I felt his amazing person and ever passion kind of guy.


The bell rang it was time to go to class and all my teacher’s heard about my ankle being broken and they said Alexis I’ll let you rest after what you been through so you do a little bit of work and also homework.


After all those classes it was time for lunch luckily dad packed me lunch I sat down at the empty table no one else sit at but me then Jason came over and sat right next to me and said so how is your ankle doing then I said it’s doing okay it’s healing really slowly.


Then all of sudden Sofia came over and ruined everything when I and Jason were in the middle of talking to each other. And said Jason why aren’t sitting with me instead your sitting with her

Chapter three: Drama in the air


Sofia always makes my life worse ever since 9th grade but now she trying to get Jason all to herself. Jason why don’t you sit next to me so you can leave the loser at her table Sofia said then all of the sudden everybody laugh at me and calling me so many hurt full name I got up and ran out the cafeteria and I was outside crying feeling that I’m an outsider that nobody would never like me.


Then Jason came outside and said Alexis are you okay, I heard Jason his voice always sounds so nice and peaceful I said what…..what….are you doing here Jason he said I was worry about you after ran out of the cafeteria and what Sofia said to you. Wait a minute Alexis are you crying he said I was so worry about Alexis that I just want to hug her so I wrap my arms around her and hold her tight in my arms so that she knows that I care about her.


I opened my eyes and I saw Jason is hugging me and I like it because I know that I really like him and I feel safe when I’m right next to him. I was so nervous to see her like this I move my lips close to her then all of sudden I kiss her cause I was falling in love with her. Next thing I know me and Jason was kissing I didn’t even know what was happening but I let the kiss last long cause I love it and him.


We stop kissing Jason said Alexis I don’t know what to say but don’t let Sofia make your life worse cause I’m always here for no matter what cause I’m in love with you. Alexis was so shocked for what Jason said to her but that’s when Alexis said I know Jason but just so you know I’m in love with you too. Jason was so amazed for what Alexis said he was so happy that he kiss Alexis on the for head and gave her a big hug after what happen between her and Jason but now she know that the love each other no matter what.


After school Jason asked Alexis can he walk her home and she said I would love to Jason and he was so happy that he and Alexis are happy together even though for what happen at the cafeteria doesn’t matter to them after they kissed each other.



When we walked from school to my house we talked all the way there and we had a pretty good time after we were at my house I asked Jason if he would like to come in my house and he said I would love to Alexis then me and Jason walked in to my house we sat on the couch and talked about other stuff.


Then all of sudden it was 8 o,clock and we were up talking and other things then we fell asleep on the couch and my mom and dad came in and saw us sleeping on the couch so they put a cover on us will we were asleep.


It was morning I woke up and I saw me and Jason lying on the couch I said Jason….Jason wake up we have school today Jason woke up and said morning sleeping and beauty.




Jason was so sweet to me so I kiss him on the for head and Jason kissed me on my lips so I went upstairs so I could change my clothes after getting dressed I went downstairs and saw Jason ready to go he held my hand all the way to school every day.


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