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     This is how it started. A few weeks ago my brother brought home a girl, I didn’t think much of it, we are both twenty-five so I didn’t care. But when he walked her over to where I was and introduced her as his fiance, I have to admit I FLIPPED. Well not angry flipped, more of excited flipped. Something was off about her, but I couldn’t put my finger on it until last week. She came over looking for my brother Elijah, who was gone for the next few days on a work trip. I looked at her and then I got it.


“Hello Edrienne.” I said.


“Um. Hi. Is Elijah here by any chance?”  Edrienne asked as she looked around me.


I moved back into her view. “Um no. Off on a work trip. Should be back in a few days.”


“Uh oh. Well I be back when he comes home then.”


“Wait. Would you like to sit and chat for a little bit? I would like to get to know the girl who is going to be my sister- well in law- but still.”




     I let her in and we walked into the living room. After a little bit of talk about wedding dresses, I cut right to the chase.


“Edrienne, what are your intentions with my brother?”


Edrienne laughed nervously. “Eliza, I don’t know what you’re talking about exactly.”


“You are the daughter of Ein Jeds the owner of the most famous record label of all time. Your father only lets you marry rich men. And if you don’t marry in the next two weeks, you will lose your cut of the company money.”


“Eliza…. How did you know that?”


“Everybody knows that.”


“Fine. We really need your brother to work for us, so I started dating him., but I actually love him now. He is the best person I have ever met.”


“He is not working for you. Now get out my house. You’ll be lucky if I tell him you stopped by” I said as I stood up.


    As I usher her to the door, she looks really sad. But I don’t care. She was using my brother, and I will not stand for it. Then I got this strange feeling, like I actually felt bad for her. I put her out slammed the door and ran directly to my phone and called Elijah. After one ring he picked up, as usual.


“It’s so boring!” Elijah say very whiny like.


“I don’t care. Guess who just stopped by!” I was seriously laughing as I said that.


“Old man Fernando. He is always walking around the neighborhood.”


“No! Edrienne! She was looking for you, I told her you were off on a work trip, we had a small chat and she left. I’ll tell you the rest when you get home.”


“Awe. But I wanna know now!”


“Nope! You can wait three days.”


“Ugh!” Said Elijah as he hung up.


    I spent the rest of the day at the movies. I just needed to think about something else until he got home. I needed to tell him, I just didn’t know how. I hate seeing him cry. It’s like twin telepathy or something because I feel like I can feel his pain.

    When I got home from the movies all of the lights were on. I got scared and then I noticed the window was broken. I unlocked and opened the door. Edrienne was sitting there on my couch.


“Hello, Eliza.” said Edrienne.


    I hit her. I didn’t mean to, but it was reflexes. Edrienne screamed bloody murder.


“Oh my God! I am so sorry! It was a reflex and-”


Edrienne put her and up and said, “Save it. We both know it wasn’t an accident.”


“Edrienne… How could you say that. It was an accident.”

“ELIZA! JUST STOP! We both know that you don’t like me. It’s only because I used your brother when we first met, but as I said, now I sincerely love him. You need to learn to respect that!”


“Hon. You need to learn to respect me. You can’t just BREAK into my house and expect that it’s all right!”


“Eliza. I- I am just trying to speak to you girl to girl.”


“Edrienne you have two choices. One, go down to your father’s company and get him to pay for the damages along with one-hundred fifty thousand for the disrespect. Or two, I call the cops right now and all this will be over.”


“Eliza. How stupid you are. Neither of those will work. My father is a cheapskate and I

will not have being thrown in jail for no reason.”


“Actually there is a reason. This is breaking and entering. This can result in less than one year in jail, but can be connected to burglary which can result in one year in jail or seven years in prison.


“Oh wow. What the little police woman you are! Eliza you are so smart! Do you wanna go to Chuck E. Cheese or Jungle Java?!”


“Get out my house! Don’t forget my money!”


    I ushered her out once again. This time she wasn’t coming back. Well hopefully. I just felt overwhelmed after that and watched Netflix.

    It is the day Elijah is supposed to come back home, in an hour. I felt really bad about yelling at her two days ago. What made it worse was the fact that she was here waiting for him outside of my house. I couldn’t take it anymore so I went outside and started talking to her.


“Hey Edrienne. I am so sorry about the way I treated you. It was uncalled for and I should have been nicer.”


Edrienne is crying. “It- it’s okay. I shouldn’t have broken into your house. So when Elijah gets here, I am going to tell him that I was using him and that even though I love him I can’t marry him.”


    I felt terrible. I couldn’t let her do that knowing how much Elijah loved her and how much she loved him. It just wouldn’t feel right. I am way too overprotective, I am literally two minutes older than him.




“What. Eliza, I’m confused.”


“Marry him. There is nothing stopping you. Especially not me. You two deserve to be together. If I’m  in the way then I can fix that.”


“Eliza thank you! Thank you so much! I don’t know how I can ever repay you!”


“You can repay me by having a great time at your wedding.”


“Oh and here’s the money for the damages and one-hundred fifty thousand dollars.”


“Thank you. I will fix the window and then use the one-hundred fifty thousand to plan your wedding. What theme do you think you want Edrienne?”


Someone sneaks up behind me and Edrienne and says, “Well I was thinking of winter wonderland, but light pink with white would be nice too.”


“ELIJAH! I am so glad you’re home. Are you ready to plan our wedding?”


“Yes. I have been waiting to get home for three days.”


    The wedding was two weeks later. They didn’t know were to go for their honeymoon and I didn’t have a wedding gift so I spent the one- hundred fifty thousand dollars on a trip for them to France since my brother speaks french. They loved it so much that they moved there. I haven’t seen them since.


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