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Chapter 1

The Magical Wolf


A boy lived with his parents in the cold, cold woods, in a little town called Maple. One night he went for a walk and became lost  in the woods. Along the way, trying to find his way out he met a wolf.  The wolf tells him,  “when you go to sleep at night, you will wake up, and it will be 30 years into the past.”


The boy,  confused and baffled goes home; but part of him wants to stay in the woods seeking adventure. He decides to go against his urges and head home.


Once he gets home, he doesn't bother with much, because he's so intrigued with what the wolf in the woods had told him. He decides to go straight to bed. After he falls asleep, he's visited by the wolf once more in his dreams. The wolf says to the boy, “Be warned, your future is in danger.” The boy quickly wakes up, and questions what the dream meant.


He heads downstairs the next morning to find a note from his parents on the kitchen table,  telling him, they had gone to the store to pickup groceries.  He decides to grab a bowl of cereal and move on with his day. He goes upstairs, and changes into his clothes.


His parents return from the grocery store, and ask the boy if he'd like to go for a hike. He says, “Sure!” While they're hiking through the woods,  the boy sees the wolf once more. However the wolf doesn't say anything this time,  it just runs further  into the woods.  The boy goes after the wolf,  and gets separated from his parents. He catches up to the wolf at a small stream, but the wolf just vanishes in thin air. The boy,  realizing he's lost,  and tries to find his way back home.


He finally makes it back,  but it's not his house, it's a small rustic home with an elderly man outside gathering logs. The Man stops what he's doing and stares at the boy. The boy looks back at him and continues toward the house.


The boy walks past the old man,  and into the house. The Man follows after him. Once the boy enters the house,  he sees an elderly woman knitting in front of a fire. The woman asks the young boy where his parents are. He says he sure this is his house.


Chapter 2



After much discussion,  the elderly couple phoned the police to see if they could sort out where the boy lived.


There was a lot that threw the boy off  once the police had shown up. He had lots of questions,  like; “Why was this cottage on the lot where his house belonged?” “Why was the cop car a 1992 Ford Crown Victoria?” And most of all “Who were these people!?” A lot went whirling through Lucas’s mind.


As two Sheriff's officers approached the house,  they looked around the lot. Once they reached the long wooden porch, one of the officers knocked with a stern and hard fist to the door. “Maple County Sheriff's office!” The old woman opened the door after returning to the living room from putting on pot of tea.


“Good Afternoon Ma'am, you called?” said the officer.  


“Why yes, there's a strange looking young man in our home,  and we don't know where he belongs. He keeps insisting he lives here! We reassured him he must be mistaken. We've lived here since 1948!” She said with a certainty and slight nod.


“What is your name?” The officer asked while he was writing down notes, probably referencing the information the woman was providing.  


“Elizabeth Catherine Cain, sir,” she said with a confident tone.


“You mentioned ‘we,’ I suppose it's you and your husband that live here?” He replied.  


“Why yes, it's me, and my husband Henry.”


“Well Mrs. Cain, may we come in and speak the young man?”  said the other officer.


“Why yes,  of course!” said the elderly woman. “Right this way. Would you like a cup of hot tea? I have milk and honey,” she continued with a comforting smile.


“No thank you ma'am,” said the second police officer. “This shouldn't take long.”


“What is your name young man?” asked the first officer.


“My name is Lucas Parker. Can you PLEASE tell me what's going on!? Where is my house!? Where are my parents!? I'm telling you my house should be…”


“Please just calm down young man!” said the second police officer.  “You obviously don't and can't live here.   That's just not possible! You must be lost. What's your address?”


“867 Washington Ln,” the boy replied.


“I don't know what you're trying to pull here,  but it's not funny,  or cute.  This is indeed 867 Washington Ln, but son your house ain't  here!” said the first officer. “This home belongs to the Cains. If you don't cooperate so we can get you home, we're going to have to take you in!”


“Fine! You know what!? Take me in! None of this makes much sense to me either,  and I'd like to call my parents!” Lucas shouted with a trembling voice.


“How old are you boy,” the officer asked.


“I'm thirteen years old. I'll tell you anything you need to know. I'm not pulling anything on you,  or these people. I just want to go home!”


Lucas left with the officers without hesitation,  in search of what was going on. As he walked toward the car,  he remembered the wolf.  Frightened,  he couldn't help but feel something is going terribly wrong.


Chapter 3

New Home


Lucas arrives at the station with the officers,  and recognizes the station right away,  with only a few slight differences.


Everything was so bizarre.


“Wait here kid,” said officer Mike  South. “We’ll get this sorted out.”


“Rita, look up any and all missing children in the area.”


“You're going to have to cooperate boy,” said officer South. “Where do you live?”


“I told you!” said Lucas.  “I live at 867 Washington ln.”


“Ok, I see this isn't going to be easy,” said South.


“We have no missing children matching this young man,” said the older woman behind the desk.


Hours went on, and the search for Lucas’s home went nowhere; when all of a sudden Lucas looked at a magazine on the end table next to his seat,  June 23, 1993.


“June 23, 1993!!” Lucas blurts out. “I'm, is it just me,  or do you guys read very out of date magazines,” he says with a semi humored but nervous tone.


“No, that's a the new one young man,” said Rita while she was in the middle of looking through files.


“But it can't be,” said Lucas. It's 2018.


“Ok,  son, looks like you're coming home with me temporarily,  until we can get this sorted out,” said Officer South.  “The more you can help us out, the sooner you can go home.”


Lucas goes home with officer South, meets his wife,  and their dog. They live in a tiny house on a ranch,  just on the other side of the hill.


Lucas,  concerned and sad,  hopes he'll be able to make it back soon. Could it really be,  that he's 25 years into the past?


As Lucas makes his way into their home, officer South takes him up the tiny narrow stairs.


“This is where you'll be staying until we get this all figured out, and our room is across the hall. I will wake you in the morning,  and you will head back to the station with me until we get this all figured out,” said South.


Lucas agreed,  and headed into the bedroom,  that smelt like damp wood and camping. As soon as he sat down on the bed,  the little dog came into the room after him.


“What's your name little fella,” Lucas asked this dog.


Listening in the background,  officer South relied,  “His name is Biscuit. He's not too friendly with strangers,  but he must like you.”


Officer South headed back down the steps,  seemingly stressed.


As the night went on,  Officer South had a talk with his wife in the kitchen.


“Who is he?” She asked.


“I really don't know. Rita is looking up some additional information for me tomorrow morning. He claims to live over off of Washington ln, but the old folks three don't seem to know him,” said South. “He hasn't really done much harm,  but he's said some really disturbing things,  so I'm not leaving him at the house with you. He'll be staying with us tonight,  but he's going back down to the station with me in the morning.”


“What did he say?” She asked.


“Huh?” He replied


“What did he say that was so disturbing?”


“Aside from claiming to live on Washington, he's told us, he's from 2018; or something like that…. I don't know typical thirteen year -old runaway stuff. He's probably trying to throw off our search for his parents. It doesn't really matter though. We'll figure it out in the morning,” officer South concluded. “For now let's get some sleep.”


Lucas, though quiet,  was not asleep. Instead,  he laid there thinking about his parents.  afraid,  and wondering where he is.   


Chapter 4


The next day Lucas, went downstairs to have breakfast before heading back to the police station with Officer South, when he hears voices in the  background,


“Is he alright?” said a faint whisper...

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