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Little Ingrid watched as the red ant tried to blend into the dangerous nest of black ants. The black ants immediately turned on the red ant and within seconds had torn it to pieces.


“All that is different is the color of that ant. So why, why would they do such a thing?” She asked her mother, Jocelyn, who had been watching her all along. Jocelyn smiled and said, “If you met someone with red skin would you feel that they should be treated the same?” Ingrid thought about the question for a few moments carefully thinking. At last, she replied, “If they are just like everyone else I see no problem mommy.” Her mother smiled “I wish every person in the world thought just like you. Ingrid, you have a heart so pure.” Ingrid sighed, “I would rather have a prettier face so that I can go to school without being bullied and so I can learn like all the others and play with them, instead of having a pure heart.” Ingrid had been in a devastating car accident, which had caused her beautiful face to be covered in scars. “I’m sorry that you feel that way about your scars; but Ingrid, remember, actions and personalities are the things that count the most. Not the looks.” "Okay, mommy.”


Years passed and Ingrid grew to a beautiful, young woman. The scars that are on her forehead and cheek were not visible with all the makeup she caked on her face. Jocelyn didn’t want her to have makeup but Ingrid kept going to great lengths to get some. There was no stopping her. Jocelyn just gave up and let her wear all the makeup she wanted, in hope of her getting tired of it. That never happened.


Ingrid had forgotten about the red ant trying to blend in with the black ant; once people find out she is different, they will tear her heart to pieces. That is what Jocelyn wanted to protect her from the most, heartbreak.


One day, Ingrid came home jumping up and down, ”Mom, I got invited to Freya’s sleepover!” Jocelyn ran to Ingrid and hugged her and said, “This is your first sleepover!”Suddenly, Ingrid stopped, “How will I hide my scars?” she said with great horror. Jocelyn gave her a half smile, ”If they are your friends, they would understand and accept you for who you are. Don’t worry.” Ingrid was scared and so put extra makeup on; Jocelyn didn’t stop her.


Ingrid wore a white lacey and classy mini dress. Her mother chose this since she said it complements her honey blonde hair. Ingrid loved the dress except for one thing; the color white would do nothing but draw attention to her. It’s fine she thought people would wear neon color dresses anyway.


From the outside, Freya's house looks intimate and cozy. It had been built with oak wood with white brick decorations. Tall, large windows probably let in plenty of light in the house. Ingrid nervously knocked on Freya’s door. It swung open within seconds and Freya was leading her into the house.  


Freya gave her a tour of her house, which was fascinating since Ingrid had never seen a house this big. The house was equipped with a large kitchen and three spacious bathrooms; it had a generous living room, four bedrooms, a large dining room and a modest storage room. This was my dream house. I couldn’t believe my eyes. “How come you didn’t tell me that you have the best house in the world?” Ingrid teased. “I don’t like to brag,” replied Freya. Freya broke the awkward silence between us, ”So, what do you want to do? Oh, I know!! We should give each other makeovers!” “No, I don’t want to do that,” Ingrid said not looking at Freya’s disappointed face. “Please. It would be the world to me.” Ingrid didn’t want to back out “Okay, let’s do it; under one condition, don’t tease me.” Freya gave her a look “No, you don’t tease me.” Ingrid simply nodded. “Deal.”

Ingrid went into the bathroom and took all her makeup off. She trusted her friend. She gathered all her remaining courage to get out of the bathroom. She opened the door and looked for Freya. She was standing right in front of her, jaw dropped and horrified. “What happened to your face?” she asked sharply. “Car accident.” I whispered my voice quivering. “Get out of my house you monster!” Ingrid just ran out and ran to her house. She didn’t care if she was barefoot and was freezing. She felt a sense of disappointment and stupidity.


She barged into the house and called her mom. “Mother! I did something so dumb and stupid and ugh!!”Ingrid threw a tantrum. Jocelyn came and welcomed her into her arms. “You did the right thing. She didn’t appreciate you for how you look, and all the hardships you went through. Some people don’t understand that makeup is art and beauty is the spirit.” Ingrid and Jocelyn sat on the sofa for what felt like forever.


“I remember the red ant and how it got crushed. I wanted to believe that people were different so, I gave them a chance. People are really like ants, aren't they? They see someone different and just crush their hopes and heart. You are the only person who had looked, appreciated and loved me for who I am. Thank you for that.” “Ingrid, though you are struggling now, the struggle you're in today is developing the strength you need for tomorrow,” Jocelyn said determinedly. Ingrid lay down on the couch, her head on her mother’s lap, ”My life is falling apart.” “It may seem like that but things may actually be falling into place, not falling apart.” “ Will I find a black ant willing to help the poor red ant?” “I am here. It is up to the red ant now.” “How have I been so blind? I’ve been looking everywhere for the kind black ant when you were right there. I love you.” “I love you too. Now let’s go and have some fun!! Movie?” “Anything with you.”


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