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AADL Board Retreat


Wednesday May 23, 2018: 4:30pm to 8:45pm


Westgate Branch: West Side Room


Desired Outcomes

  • Understand the status of AADL strategic goals and measures of community awareness, satisfaction and usage; gather feedback for coming year.
  • Understand more about community perspectives for the service vision for the downtown library.
  • Inspire broad thinking about the downtown library presence and its potential impact.




Welcome, Background
Overview of the Day
Introductions, Connections: Past to Future

Strategic Plan:
    2017 Actions and Outcomes, 2018-19 Proposed
    Clarification, Likes, Concerns, Suggestions

EPIC Survey Highlights
    Awareness, Use, and Satisfaction


Break, Light Food, Drinks  

Downtown Library: Then and Now

Downtown Library Service Vision
Please describe a service, program, or experience  at a favorite AADL branch or other library that you see as an important element of a service vision for the downtown library.

Board Roundtable: Downtown Library’s Presence
Please share an example of a library with a compelling, positive downtown presence and describe what you know of its impact on the community.


Community Thoughts
Board Reflection
Next Steps, Closing Thanks

End by 8:45PM


The downtown branch should be properly maintained in its present condition. Facilities expansion should be focused entirely outside of downtown where it is easily accessed and has abundant, convenient and free parking. Serious planning for an AADL data center outside of downtown is needed as the future direction of media is away from hard copy and into digital. I use the AADL a lot however that usage has increased dramatically ever since the Pittsfield branch was opened near where I live.

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Public Event

Westgate Branch: West Side Room