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Record one day of reading, watching, or listening in your log!

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I got the Read Watched Listened Daily Bonus but don't have the badge. Also, when I record something I read, it gives me 0 points. Is that normal?

You are only allowed to enter up to one read/watch/listen a day, so if you enter more then one, the first will give you 50 points and the rest will give you 0.

How do we report a book that we've read? Is this not functioning yet or am I missing a link on the catalog page somehow?

I agree that we should get more points for reading and watching than for doing the badges. Record minutes or pages!!!

If you go to your summer game homepage, you'll see "I read/watched/listened to something!" next to "I have a code!" You can then enter the name of something you've been engaging with, and you'll get 50 points for each day that you log something.

In previous years, you could log pages or minutes for a point each (up to 1000 a day), with a 100-point bonus for finishing an item. I did okay with the old system but I think this one is fairer. Boy did I listen to a lot of CDs last year, though!

Last year I bought a notebook for 3000 points and I did not come on time to get it can I get 3000 points back

If you're logged into the system, all you need to do is go to the item's catalog record and scroll down past the description and other reviews (if extant). You'll see a text box for adding your review.

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