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Primates, Phyla, and Prawn Gobies

What do primates, phyla, and prawn gobies all have in common, you ask??? Why, the art of Maris Wicks, of course! Not only is her comics art exhibit, Gorillas, Guts, and Gastropods: The Art of Maris Wicks, happening RIGHT NOW, but she’ll be at A2CAF this weekend. Dive in by visiting the Downtown Multipurpose room to explore the exhibit and find codes hidden in her artwork! To nab your first code, find the Primates Coverpiece, then identify the scientist with the ponytail and dark shoes and plug that name in for points. 

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these badges are great for those who live in A2, we still play the games but sadly had to move From Ann Arbor. Best of LUCK to all of you players out there though!

I feel you! I was out of town for this event so I can't get the whole badge, but I was at least able to get the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 5th codes just by looking stuff up online.

i was stuck for the longest time on the 2nd one. I read it as "what they are om-nom-noming" and kept entering variations of the things being consumed. So if you get stuck on that one, make sure you're entering the eater, not the eaten!

I got the correct code in, but the system (under the badge) still said No, and didn't let me see the other clues...weird...can someone please take a look?

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