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Spot The Ride

Look for an AAATA bus bearing a Summer Game code! Ride The Ride free with your library card Saturdays and Sundays from June 16 through August 26!

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As you folks are watching for bugs, know that there's one here. I entered this code this afternoon, got points for it, but it's not showing up as a badge (or with the points attached to a badge). Thanks!

Arrrrrrrrrr! I saw the bus on Ellsworth this evening. I debated causing a several-car-crash in order to write down the code. Should have done it. Got home and the code I "remembered" wasn't correct. Maybe drivers should be issued, "I stop for summer game codes" bumper stickers!

We have been looking hard and still haven’t been able to spot. Any clues on streets? We went downtown to bus terminal and could not spot. Is code on side or back of bus?

Got really lucky and spotted this on bus #435, on the side of the bus, on the driver's side. Route 22. I stopped by the bus station downtown a few times hoping to find it but never did, then saw this when I wasn't even out looking for it.

I've been back in town since the end of July and have diligently looked for Summer Game branded buses. Nothing. Are they still around?

Yep, all 10 Summer Game buses are still out there! I've continued to see them regularly. We've had some reports of the inside codes missing, so just contact us if you run into that. Thanks!

we saw the bus and the code, but when we were back and forgot the last four letters of the CODE. WHAT IS IT?!!!!!!!!!!!!

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