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Don't you just hate when you lose something? Especially when you SURE that you knew where it was? Something similar happened to explorer Percy Fawcett. He was SURE there was evidence of a great, lost civilization somewhere in South America... but he didn't know quite where. He called it the City of Z, and he looked for it like CRAZY. His search centered on the jungles of South America's largest country. Start off your exploration just looking for that country in the catalog and view the wilds for yourself.

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Lost and...can't figure out the dead horse clue. It seems like I've tried every permeation of the phrase...

For 4, just search [this isn't a hint, this is just telling the answer] in the catalog and it will be the first book to pop up.

How do we get points for what books we read besides getting the 50 bonus points because I have been trying to get points for what I have read to no avail

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