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Black Teeth's Back

Have you ever noticed that in commercials every single person has perfectly white (and straight) teeth and then you think to yourself, "those people are a bunch of UGGOS and they should make their teeth BLACK instead of PEARLY WHITE"? Well, the first thing you should do is probably not refer to others as "uggos" and the second thing you should do is hop in a TIME MACHINE and travel back to the DAYS OF BLACKENED TEETH AS A BEAUTY STANDARD! Before we get to the purely silly FASHION-FOCUSED teeth blackening, we're going to learn a quick history lesson. Specifically about Japan during the HEIAN period (8th-12th centuries). Nobody quite knows when exactly the practice of blackening teeth started, but it has been narrowed down to sometime during that VERY LONG SPAN OF TIME (helpful, I know). For your first CODE, figure out what the Japanese practice of blackening teeth is called and THAT IS YOUR CODE! No searching the catalog necessary... I mean, you CAN if you WANT, but I don't think you'll find much.

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WOW - Black teeth were fashionable. Who Knew?! I love earning badges because I always learn something (even if it is a little gross-lol). Thanks, A2SG staff!

very interesting. where I come from (Vietnam), in the old days, blackened teeth were the beauty standard. Some of the ladies in my extended family had black teeth.

That's so interesting! I love learning about different cultures' beauty standards. It's fascinating to me how they are all so different and unique! Thank you for sharing! :)


Three is pretty easy if you look at the hint they give you. It's one of the biggest dietary causes of tooth decay.

If you google search "Japanese teeth blackening", the japanese word will come up in your search result. That word is your CODE! You don't have to search the catalog for this one.

I hope that helps!

P.S. The word starts with 'O' :)


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