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Day in the Life

You know that the astronauts and cosmonauts (Russian astronauts) living on the International Space Station (ISS) have daily and weekly routines just like the rest of us, right? OF COUSE YOU DO! But, maybe you want a quick review of those routines? SURE THING! The astronauts all wake up and get ready, eat, work, talk to people back on Earth, exercise, spend their free time, and finally sleep each day. But how they do those things are VASTLY different from how we do them!

Four of the five codes for this badge will be found on NASA's "A Day in the Life Aboard the International Space Station" website at

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Hi! The summer game is fantastic - we really love it! Thanks for all the fun clues and opportunities for learning! We found a couple typos in this badge that you may want to fix. In the response after the 3rd code has been entered, we think you mean "lose" instead of "loose." Also in the 4th clue, you may want to change it to "refrigeration" and "refrigerator" (no "d" in either word).

If you try to find the answer for the fourth clue on mobile, you probably won't be able to see the teal labels. I needed to check on my laptop.

I'm having difficulty with the second clue. I'm on the Downlinks page. I see a photo of the student, who appears to be speaking with the astronauts on the ISS. There is a box to the right of the picture with the contact email address. However, there are no words below this picture, and none of the words to the right of this picture seem to be describing "the group of people watching the student." There are also several videos, with words beneath them. I went back to videos that were posted around the time of this badge and tried three word combinations of who was watching each downlink, but I can't seem to find it. I'm sure I'm missing something obvious-- anyone able to give me some extra help?

I wrote a reply, it said "flagged by staff for review" but I don't think that will happen, so you may see this twice.
If you want to find the right answer (which took a long time to find, since the hint is no longer accurate), on the downlinks page, click view past downlinks, click (don't copy and paste) the link under the thumbnail picture, and that takes you to a new page that has the code in the caption on that new page's thumbnail picture.

I think it's more difficult if you're using mobile. Clicking "watch past downlinks" would take me to a YouTube list. Not what you want.

Follow the "view downlink schedule" link. Once there, there is another link under a picture, that will take you to a page on In-flight Education Downlinks. Check out the image and caption on that page.

I’m really having trouble with the second clue. I even tried to follow the hint posted above, but really struggling.

Struggling with this as well. I even tried the past downlinks part. But none of those thumbnails seem to provide any clarity. Have tried several combinations. How far back do we need to look?

I have tried twice to post the correct url for the second code. The problem is that NASA changed the link on the website! But apparently AADL's new comment system will not let me post a url in a comment. So, instead of clicking on the link in the A Day in the Life website, you need to go to Google (or your favorite search engine) and search for "In-flight Education Downlinks | NASA Johnson". The first result should be the webpage with the correct image and caption.


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