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Bandemer Hop

This week we’re heading over to the Huron River to visit Bandemer Park right off Main street near M14.  To get a map and locate the park before you leave visit the site  . You will want to enter on Lakeshore Drive off of Main street. Park at this end of the park. When you look at the map you will notice that it makes NO mention whatsoever of the extensive Disc Golf Course located in the park - this makes no sense, but you will be walking along the course as we go so just an FYI that the map will fail you.

This trail is mostly wood chips and flat. It’s not entirely handicapped or stroller accessible. It’s not a long trail and should take about 20-40 minutes depending on how quickly you walk. It’s a nice mixture of shade and sun.

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Got this today, received a text back saying I finished, but didn't get badge and didn't show the last couple at being entered. :(

Yep, same here - gave us the 70 points for the names but no badge, and the badge icon is still grayed out.

Maybe we're just overachievers on this SUPER hot day and the codes are suffering from heat exhaustion - lol! I had the same issue with the final code. I bet it will update overnight, once it cools off - haha.

Hello! Our staff is looking into the what's happening here so thanks for your patience! You will definitely get the badge - thanks for alerting us! - erin GM

To folks who have completed the badge, but it would not award: If you haven't already gotten the badge as you have all been playing you just need to log another scoring action - record a gamecode or that you read/watched/listened etc. - and the badge will be awarded! Thanks for playing! - erin GM

Just a couple notes for those who haven’t done this badge yet:
- I saw some poison ivy on the side of the woodchip path (near code 5/6), so stay on the path!
- The end of the badge does not leave you where you started. You still have a 5-10 minute walk back to where you parked.

I can't figure out/see numbers on second clue! Got the letters but looks like I need my glasses to see numbers :(


★☆☆☆ 1 of out 4 difficulty

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