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Meet Hans!

One of the newest additions to the AADL Fish Family is a Queen Angelfish named HANS! Hans is a...unique fish. He has many wonderful qualities (and he never stops talking about it). You see, Hans grew up with very high self esteem, and was always extremely confident in how great he is. When he feels that others don't see and appreciate his greatness, he usually takes it upon himself to let them know. Angelfish are usually prized for their unique shape, color, and behavior, so Hans likes to be sure people are aware. For your first code, search for "angelfish" in the catalog!

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"He doesn't really dust bunnies." - so is "dust" the verb in that sentence or is it missing a verb? Because it would be hard to dust anything when you live in water, as Hans does...

Ahhh! Nice catch! The sentence has been updated! I imagine it would be hard doing a lot of things Hans does underwater haha
Thanks for the correction and THANKS FOR PLAYING! :)

When I search "angelfish" (1st clue) I get 4 items in the list and none of them have the code. Did something happen to the item with the code?


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