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UMMA Explorer

To earn this badge, you’ll need to venture past orange barrels, excavators, backhoes, and construction fences to a magical place with a funny name—UMMA. Not Yuma, Arizona. And not “umm, Ah!”. But oooooooh-mah. This stands for the University of Michigan Museum of Art. The Museum is located at 525 South State Street, Ann Arbor 48109. You can find directions and parking info at Gallery hours are Tuesday through Saturday 11 a.m.–5 p.m., Sunday 12–5 p.m., closed Mondays.

Filled to the brim with art and ideas, the Museum is a lot like the Ann Arbor District Library (but you can’t borrow the art!). The thousands of works of art on display span millennia, culture, and geography. Like a great book, they can hurtle your imagination through time and space—from the ruins of Pompeii to the streets of New York. And, like staying up way too late reading a favorite novel, it’s really easy to lose track of time as you wander the galleries. But, we don’t think you’ll get lost in the Museum with these clues.

This badge is 100% wheelchair and stroller accessible!

Thanks to our friends at UMMA for creating this badge!

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For those of us without smartphones, could you please list all the clues and hints so we can print them out before we go? Thanks!

I have a smartphone but prefer paper...if you click on all of the "hints" they will stay open and you can print them out. I like to highlight only what I want to print. So far, so good.

very interesting because though I had gone to the museum five or six times since I moved here, I never realized there were two elevators that took you to an entirely different part of the museum.

I was told, however, that there was going to be yet another clue in the gift shop. If there is, I had enough trouble getting there with all the sidewalk construction going on, and then they were setting up in the lobby for some kind of luncheon/dinner. Both of these made it extremely difficult to get around. SO, IF YOU DO HAVE YET ANOTHER CLUE FOR THE GIFT SHOP, PLEASE DON'T MAKE ME GO BACK AGAIN FOR IT. i'M IN A WHEELCHAIR AND ALTHOUGH IT IS EASY TO GET AROUND THE MUSEUM, IT IS VERY, VERY DIFFICULT TO GET THERE. If you decide to add more to this badge, then make it a different badge, so it is worth while trappsing around all the obstacles.

if the guard is there, he is a storage area of information and is very interesting to speak with. Also, be aware the museum is NOT opened on Monday.

Thank you for this badge!

Players, while you are at UMMA, be sure to look for the amazing sculpture of the Apsara Warrior.
It's near a stairway that would lead you between clues; if you don't find it, ask.

It won't get you SG points, but it is truly powerful.

I found the staff to be helpful. I’ll have to go back because I went just as they were about to close.


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