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Go Get Gutsy

Last week's badge reminded you that the Gorillas, Guts, and Gastropods exhibit of Maris Wicks' artwork will be on display through August 15th, 2018. THIS week's badge is giving you EXTRA incentive to get yourself DOWN to the DOWNtown Library's Multi-Purpose Room to explore the artwork BEFORE IT'S GONE! That's right - all the codes in this badge are hidden in the exhibit! If you're like us, you've probably had to wade through about 8 gazillion people during Art Fair, so let's keep things nice and relaxed by keeping all your codes on the wall that's to your right when you're entering the Multipurpose Room...

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Stuck on forth one. Found the picture and there was one slug name Sea slugs but it did not work.

Yes, godzilla gave a good tip (below). Make sure you're looking at the correct piece of art - I suspect you are at a different piece that also features a slug. The "Slug Love" piece is at the far right end of that row of illustrations.

Note those words from the top of this page: "before it's gone!"

Visit the exhibit, at AADL downtown in the multipurpose room, by August 15 to complete this badge, and at least one other badge.

Really not happy that two different badges for this were dropped weeks apart. We went downtown, saw the exhibit and got the codes for the First badge before the second one was dropped. Couldn’t get back to the exhibit until a couple days after it was gone (didn’t realize it was over on the 15th) Really not happy!


★★☆☆ 2 of out 4 difficulty

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