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For years I lived with the misconception that everyone in the old times had FABULOUS HAIR but alas, as it turns out it was all a LIE.

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For first one I searched the word "P*R**E" in catalog gor only 3 results and no code. I also tried to enter that word as code but that didn't work either.

I am having a very difficult time finding the correct catalog item for the third code. I know I have the right monarch, but no sources I've looked at have a game code. Am I missing something?

I have searched with Roman numerals, writing it out, and by using the arabic numeral. I have arranged both with and without quotation marks around the name, used the name with title and without. Even used the search terms that appear at the bottom of an entry, followed those, and not one of those appears to have a code. I'm fairly certain I have the correct monarchmonarch- the first one after the fall of the Cromwells and the Commonwealth, right?


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