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Clint Barton aka Hawkeye is a one-of a kind superhero. Unlike many of his teammates on the Avengers, Clint doesn’t have any superpowers. He doesn’t need them! He’s just a human in PEAK CONDITIONING. Like many superheroes, Clint has a tragic backstory. His parents were killed in a car accident, leaving Clint and his brother orphans.  So what did Clint and Barney do? They escaped from the orphanage and JOINED THE CIRCUS. It was while working at the Carson Carnival of Traveling Wonders that Clint met his mentor, who helped him become a MASTER ARCHER. You’ll find your next code by searching for the name of Clint’s mentor in the catalog and looking for a DVD.

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Hi! I'm having an issue with the fourth clue. I found the type of arrow used that caused Clint's hearing loss in the Wikipedia article, but it's not working as a code. Clint's special arrows have their own name as a category (of which this arrow is a subtype), but that didn't work either! If someone could help me, I'd be super grateful.


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