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Gen. Taylor And The Party

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In nnotlier column v] l e f.mnd an artide iluis headel, frotn the Detroit Advertiser, nnd wriiten by a Whtg of Pi % - tnoutli. We i'ommpud it 10 thé {itténtion of ouf Whig readers èvery vvhere, not sc much becau-e there s nny present dnnger of Gen. Tnylor's noininntion bv the Whig party, a becnine it is a most jus! nnd outting re'iuke of ;lie of ihe Advpiti.-er and kii divH poliiicinns, in running afler " a:ailable " candidates : and l.ecnuse t shows that some manlv nnd noble spirits can yet bs found in ihe Whig party who da re t' speak their horiest convictions. It is rare!y,liowever, ihat they are heard through ihe party press, whichh is controlled altnoet entiiely by a very d.fTerent set of men. - In publishing anide, ihe Advertiser did not expresa any opinión of its mérito. We give it ihe lienefit of our circulalion, that our VVhig readers may hae an opportunity to form their own opinión of it. 05 The Hillsdale Gazettee says :" The Liberty Convention held ir. this villnge on Sftlurdny lnsl, nominnted Ethel Judd, of Ad.Tms, for County Judgfi ; Lyman Pease. of Wheatland, for Second JuHg ; Willian Savugp, of Litchfield, nnd James M. Raymund, of Fayette, for Represent atives. D. M. Bag'ey wns appointpd Chainnan ofCounty Commitlee. The Coiiveniion adop'ed an adJrrss tnktng ground in favor of F ree Trade, and all the inalienable righls of man."


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