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A Hopping Surprise

I was about to lift the suitcase onto the bed to unpack it when I had the realization that it felt heavier then I remember. As I began to open it, the suitcase started to squirm. Believe it or no rabbit hops out. I look again to see the rabbit in the corner shaking in fear. The rabbit was white like snow, ears that looked close to six inches, and blue eyes. Hoping the rabbit won’t move, I go to the fridge to see if I have carrots. I return to the rabbit in the same spot, and feed him the carrot. I start talking to the rabbit like he can understand what I’m saying. “I’m not going to hurt you, how did you get in my bag?” It was obvious that the rabbit wouldn’t respond to me since he is an animal but all the sudden the rabbit began to answer my question.


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