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Thanksgiving was the best holiday that was ever created. You basically get together with all of your family and you just eat all that you can, then fall asleep. Most of the time my family would go to my grandma’s house to eat lunch and we would stay the night. At night we would have leftovers for dinner and play games all night long.

The best family Thanksgiving was last year’s. We made it there and the roads were a little icy so the drive was awful, but the rest was amazing. We played games all night long, it felt like time had stopped. In the morning the sun didn’t really rise so we continued playing games. When we got bored we watched TV. The news was on and there was a family of 5 that died the night before Thanksgiving on the icy roads. It was really weird because the car on the TV was the same as the car that we drive. Also my little sister’s car seat was the same as the one in the ditch of the accident. What a weird coincidence.

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