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What can only be described as a deep gong sounded and suddenly we were on the clock. Four other operatives just as unprepared as me for the ensuing chaos were dropped into combat. “Forty-five seconds” announces HQ over the radio. I shakily place down a spool barbed wire and begin to fortify the objective room. “Thirty-Five seconds” the sound grows louder in my ears as my heart beats faster and my anxiety grows. I place steel reinforcements on the walls, the steel feels chilling against my palms. “Fifteen seconds”, my heartbeat quickens as I take cover and kneel, preparing myself for the inevitable combat. “Five seconds” my heart is beating out of my chest, “Hostiles have been inserted prepare for assault.” Suddenly, there is silence, no heartbeat, only the ambiance of my surroundings. Five seconds, fifteen seconds, thirty seconds, silence, as we grow more and more anxious for the incoming attack. Behind the Steel protected wall, I hear a voice, “serious drywall work coming right up” The wall lights up in a ring of fire as the heat becomes unbearable, the wall explodes in a flurry of steel and fire. Gunfire and chaos engulf the room.

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