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The ocean rages before me. The bruised sky seems to darken in my presence; the icy wind snakes around me, grabbing at my jugular to claim my breath. Looking down into the depths of the unknown, shadows catch my eye, lurking just beneath the frothy surface. I detect a light buzz in the eerie silence, and fight the urge to swat at my ear. Almost expectedly, I feel a shove from behind that sends a shooting pain up my spine. Seconds later, I feel the smack of the violent water against my legs, and the jungle stemming from the sandy ground tugs me down into the murky abyss. The more I thrash and struggle against its hold, the tighter the seaweed beneath me coils around my body. Mouthfuls of salt water burns the lining of my throat as I inhale it in a panic. I cry out weakly, but my voice is reduced to gurgling, then, nothing.

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