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The crisp, Arctic air hasn’t been the same recently. My white fur hangs limply from my thin body, as Mother and I continue our trek to find sea ice for hunting. All day, we have alternated between walking and swimming; I feel tired and overheated. I look out at the glistening ocean, and see that the thick sheet of ice that once blanketed the water, is now shattered and shrinking. I remember the days when food was only a few steps away from home. Now, Mother and I had to go on long hunting trips a few times a week, so we wouldn’t starve. My stomach churned. Mother has started to slow down in the last few months. The light in her eyes has been replaced by sickness and exhaustion. What was once a simple life is now a constant fight for survival. Suddenly, with a loud thump, Mother collapsed onto the ground. As I watched her lifeless body sink into the melting snow, only one thought crossed my mind: whatever force had stolen my home from me, has stolen my beautiful Mother as well.

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