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The old man stood solemnly as he looked upon his most prized possession. He marveled at its beauty. It had taken him years and years to fix it up, not to mention a small fortune. He couldn’t help the surge of pride he felt as he circulated the car. Everything from the flawless paint job to the custom interior was done by his hand. The car was built from his blood, sweat, and tears. He recalled the sorry shape it was when when he rescued it from his mother’s barn where it had been stashed away after the bitter divorce. Time was unkind to the car and the man couldn’t help but relate.

The 1967 Ferrari 330 GTC cost him moments, memories, and milestones. Every family outing, every vacation, every holiday was spent not with his family, but with his car. His passion became his obsession and, in the end, all he had to show was a car that’d would sit and collect dust. And the man couldn’t help but think, was it worth it?

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