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I can’t breathe in here. The air is too thick too thick. My chest is tight, and my heart could fly out of my chest. I need to go, but the gravity holds me down, the weight of what they think of me holds me back. If I leave, they will think something is wrong with me. 
Each time I tell myself to stop, the weight seems to get heavier and heavier. They tell me to come to terms with it but how? 
“Stay Positive! You’re a positive person!”
“You’re not alone!”
“Well, it will pass right?”
“Just don’t think that way”
How? It’s the only way I have ever known. Do I just wait it out and keep it to myself?
 Why do you care? Am I okay? No, but thank you for asking. Coffee? Sure. Thursday? I can do 3 o’clock. 

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