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The breath

I wipe the fog from my goggles and catch my breath, I push off the wall once again. Every breath I take I imagine something different a dog, a cat, a person. I then see a boy, this time I kept seeing this child. I know It’s all in my imagination, but it seems so real. The boy is skipping around the pool deck, I take another breath and it begins to look at the water, my next couple breaths he’s looking at the water and has his feet in the water. I do a flip turn and come up for another breath the boy is gone. The next couple breaths I look around but no boy. I do another 50 and stop wipe away the fog once again. Something then catches the corner of my eye and I see something floating by the wall, I take a closer look and it’s the boy, he’s face down and not moving…

Words: 160


The gold box

I wake up on the cold concrete floor im leaning against a brick wall in a alleyway. A small ragged towel had been the only thing covering me that night. I was cold, hungry, and tired. Its been a cold winter and there was a little bit of snow on the ground right now. As im about to get up and try to find some food somewhere, something shiny catches my eye. Something gold was popping out of the snow. I walked over to it a dusted the snow off of it. It was a gold shiny box, I then opened it and more money then ‘d ever seen was in it. I was in aw, ring ring ring, ring ring ring I the woke up on the cold sidewalk by a biker ringing his bell… it was all a dream.


words : 141

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