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     His life was depleting quickly, sentenced to life in jail, with no parole. He heard of a party happening at someones house, with the rumor of El Chapa attending. After his last class he decided to go to the party in Bethany, a rich neighborhood in Connecticut. When he arrived, the house full, you could feel the body heat from the sidewalk. Moments later the room and music stop as El Chapa walked in the door. Him and his entourage hands out little baggies of “wacky tobaccy”. As the night rages on. Later the DEA barges through the door, everyone scattered. He tried to run out the back door but felt a hand on his back. It was El Chapa, “You run out first.”

“So, I’m just distracting them so you can get away?!”

“Yup, I’m not getting caught”

“Why would I help you? You’re the reason they showed up!” Chapa pulled a handgun out and pointed it at his head, “Now walk out that door.” he growled. He ran like his life depended on it. As soon as his feet hit the sidewalk he heard the cops. Next thing he knew he was being convicted for the entire incident.

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