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It all happened when 6 year old John put the first fold in the paper while following the instructions in his new book “Origami for Dummies” that he received from his Grandmother who always seemed very mysterious she had a long black robe she always seemed to be carrying around her broom and never using it to sweep. Johns Grandmother was staying with them for the week because it was the only time she came to visit. As he continued he began to realize that his work wasn’t turning out the way he wanted so he crinkled up the paper and  tossed it on the ground and walked into the living room where he watched Tv before bed.

While asleep Johns Grandmother went to the crinkled piece of paper and began folding it was a typical origami swan she then creeped up the stairs and put the paper bird on Johns nightstand. When John woke up his Grandmother was gone her bags were packed and the book she had bought John had vanished and there was no sign that she had ever been there except for the Origami swan that was sitting on his nightstand. John ran into his parents’ room and woke them up in a panic. His parents weren’t surprised because this was typical of her ever since her husband had passed. This year was different though because she could no longer drive so how she left was unknown.

Enoch 2

“Sorry John but your Grandmother does this often it is just something that we will have to move past” said his Mother.

“Okay, am I still going to school” .

“Yes you will still have to go to school now go get ready”.

John went back to his room and got ready for school. After getting home from dropping John off John’s mother took a nap and when John got off the bus he ran in to find his mother’s body dead and the eyes had been removed in tears John went to his room where he saw the origami swan covered in blood. The swan then shook the blood off of itself and flew away. John grabbed his swiss army knife that he had stolen from his father and began chasing the flying paper bird through the house until John’s Father got home to see the madness leaving the door open the Origami swan flew out the door and escaped. While sobbing John tells his father about the horror that he had just experienced.

“Dad Dad Its mom, she’s dead” John said.

“what , what” John’s father said begguining to tear up.

“It was the origami swan the one that just flew out the door”.

“What are you talking about?”

John took his father up to his room where he saw his wife’s body lifeless and with her missing her eyes. John looked at his father and saw his father sobbing.

“What do we do” asked John.


Enoch 3

John and his father called his police, and then John’s Grandmother who didn’t answer. When the police arrived they couldn’t believe the story they were told until they got another call from a flower shop downtown where the origami had begun the madness already killing three civilians and a police officer. The Officers went to town to go figure out what was going on. John and his Father followed and continued to call the Grandmother and they continued to get no response. When they got to town they went to the flower shop where the origami swan was last sighted. All of the bodies looked just like John’s mom’s with the eyes missing.

The town went into a panic trying to find the swan but it was never discovered

after the sighting at the flower shop the origami was never seen again and neither was the grandmother. John and his father went crazy looking for the swan and the Grandmother but they were never discovered.

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