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It was the day the moon fell. I sat in my plain oak chair, in my plain modern house, in the hills of Utah. I looked through my wide windows into the cold Utah into and saw snow, a barren desert of snow. All of a sudden I heard a foreign noise coming from the door, I stood up confused, I walked over to front door. I put my hand on the handle and turned it ever so slowly. I looked out the door and to my amazement there was an alien at my doorstep. I slammed the door and sprinted back to my chair and turned on my tv. The knock happened again, and again. I went to the door with a knife in my hand ready for any situation that may happen. I opened the door and the alien ran in like a startled stampede of cattle. As the alien was running he ran into my coffee table and knocked over my desk moon physics toy. It hit the floor, and that was the day the moon fell.