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Gerritt Smith

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As this gentleman, at the lime of the Buffiilo Convention, had not uniied with the Leaguers, and had not accepted their nominntion for the Presidency,it was sopposed by many that he would support Mr. Hale, should he prove himself in Congrcss a true man. Bat we perceive by the last Albany Patriot, that Mr. Smith has fully dentified himself with the League meetings, and declared war on the Liberty party in thestrongest posssible tsrms. We will givo a specimen. In calling out the friends of politica! Reform in Madison County, he says of th League meetings- "These are not Conventions of a temporary, piece-of-an-idea Liberty Paaty,lo which' we are called. With such a Libeny Party we have np sympathy, Nay, more - we are content, and happy, to see its folly and madness so busily digging its grave. Piatty Liberty party that, which refuses even so much, ás to inquire into ihe bearings of jts own admitted principies of the equal rigl tsofal! men! Pret!y Liberty Party ihat, which, vvhen'the civilized world is waking the claims of Free-trade, Land Reform, and other Rel'orms, shuts its eycs tó the light, which strenms from these vital questions, and sneaks away into thé hiding place of ts ovn dark'ness! Pretly politica) party tliat to assufne to Ie the instructor nnd model ofthe ollier political parties! Towards all sucli impudent shams let our indignation knovv no limits. " Thus .1 total and irremediable división hastaksn place between the extrèmely radical porlion ofthe Liberty party, and the remainder. This división between sectior ., of a body of real reforméis we liav e rerarije(j asunwise. But tlien every pe.SOn must ño good, if nt all, in ,s 0vn wayj ,inci according to tho cor sljtn,on of ns mn(j Were every ant:.s]avery men in the uation asjust, vse, disinterested and sell' cntiolleüns were Dr.Fronklin nnd Oen. Waslungton, tïiey could nll co-operute together with vast ediciéncy, nhd wiihout discord or wrangling. But while manv of tliem are contracied in thcir views, visionary, obstinate, elf-c-onceited and vindictivDj disagreements and divisions must neeessarily take place. Thus the Ganisonians (so called) carne out of the m.lin body of antislavery men, ly from iudulgence n llie traits,& thfiy aro probably doing, in their way, more good tban they could when am;ilg;imated with a large body with which lhey could not assimilate n feel'ng and nclioh. It is probablv beiter io separate and quarrel as enernies, tlian to rcmain togélbér as friènda and quarrfcl. Uówover, f o far as antislavery is involved, both the Leiguers nnd the üar. risoniaris, prtibably olmost without except oji, are sterling and sirnightfonvnrd Aboiitiónists, and Vill remiin tö Io the erid of their lives.