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Awakened by the alarm, you looked out the window, searched for the nice old man and his equally old poodle. You wave at them and smile when the man waved back. You couldn't help but notice how he strained to make an effort to do so.


No surprise, your locker was jammed at school. You kicked it twice. It pops open quickly.


Lunch. Then the office called. You panicked a little. Down, down, down the stairs you go. Your mood goes along with it.


You notice how the lady in the office takes a deep breath. You wonder why.


You find out later. Later, you cry. Uncontrollable, heaving sobs that leave you gasping for air.


You discovered that color vanished from the world. You remind yourself that you don't care.


When the last bell rang, you left class without a word. Kicked your locker, grabbed your belongings, and began the walk home.


Tick, tock. The sound echoed hauntingly throughout the house.


Your parents returned. Behind them, you glimpsed an aging poodle. She was searching for her owner.


You looked to them with questioning eyes. They nodded in return.


You see colors again.

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