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              Once upon a time, long, long, ago, there were three treasure hunters named Gaston, Alan, and Blu digging for lost treasure to help a research program who promised to pay them a lot if they found the treasure. So far they weren’t having very much luck.

              “Maybe we should look over there,” whined Alan with his head stuck in the various guide books. “This place obviously doesn’t have any treasure.”

              Alan only agreed to come on this excavation trip with promises of finding treasure and him becoming rich.

             The site they were excavating was as dry as a desert and screamed when wind blew at it. As you can see, it was not ideal for excavating.

             “Huup, sounds good to me. It would be a good workout for my legs,”Gaston replied.

            Gaston technically wasn’t qualified for the excavation but insisted on coming so he could brag about it. All he actually was doing was lifting the equipment and doing sets trying to make his already immense muscles stronger and larger.

            The third explorer was a young boy of only 16 named Blu. 

             “Can we please head back to the inn now?”begged Blu.

             “No way! It’s barely sundown!” cried Gaston.

           “But if we turn around for the night now, we’ll be more rested for tomorrow!”Blu turned on his secret weapon and added, “You can show off your muscles to the townspeople.” Blu knew that Gaston couldn’t resist showing off his muscles.

            The only reason Blu decided to join this expedition was to pay the doctor to come and help his sick father. Blu deeply regretted working with Alan and Gaston because they did none of the work and bossed him around.

            Alan decided that it might be for the better to call it a night and he told them, “We should definitely call it a night as I said before.” (Which he totally didn’t).


            That night, Blu, Gaston, and Alan had a bizarre dream.In their dream, there was a place that seemed strangely familiar and seemed as though it was beckoning them to come and explore its grassy hills and dig into its moist and pliable soil.

             They all felt they knew there was treasure there, almost like how on a test you sometimes feel certain you know the answer to a question. When they all woke up the next morning, they all had one goal: to find that mystical, mysterious place.

              During their morning meal they discussed their weird dream.

               “Was it just me or did you guys have a weird dream about an awesome excavation site?” asked Alan.

               “I did too!” Blu was bouncing up and down.

               That's when it hit Blu. “I know where the excavation site is,” Blu said excitedly. “Where?!!!!” cried Alan.

              “Remember the site we were going to excavate last night?! That's the one!!!” replied Blu.

               OMG!! I am going to be rich!!! Cha Ching!! thought Alan excitedly.

              “Let’s hit it!!” yelled Gaston while running down the street towards the site.

              When they arrived at the excavation site, they got to work. (More accurately Blu got to work while Alan continued to read his guidebooks and Gaston continued his sets.)

                Huh? Blu thought, Why does it feel like I’m digging into metal? Oh wait, it might be treasure!!! Blu started to do his happy dance which was similar to the dance moves we now call The Robot.

              “What is wrong with you?” Alan said while rolling his eyes. What is wrong with this kid? Why did we even let him come with us?

               Then Blu started his happy song: “I’m walking on rainbows lalalala,I found the treasure lalalala…..”

               Why is this kid interrupting my workout?..... Wait a second…Did he just say he found the treasure? thought Gaston.

               Both Alan and Gaston suddenly rushed forward, pushed Blu out of the way and dug as though they had never dug before. (Which was true.) It looked as though two sharks were pouncing on their prey. There was dirt flying everywhere. The treasure flew up out of the dirt. Fortunately, Blu managed to catch it. Gaston and Alan then grabbed on to the treasure.

              “Give it to me!” screeched Alan.

              “No, me!” yelled Gaston.

              “Help” squeaked Blu so quietly that only a mouse could have heard.

              Huh, this treasure sure is oddly shaped, thought Alan. All of a sudden, a red wisp of smoke came out of the part shaped like a teapot’s spout and out popped………..

               A Genie! Why didn’t I think of that? Of course it wasn’t some deranged teapot! It was a magic lamp, Alan thought while smacking his forehead.

             “Wait a second… where is my new iphone X and who are you?”asked the panicking genie.

             Well maybe I wasn’t so wrong about the deranged part, thought Alan I mean seriously, iphone X. Who ever heard about such nonsense.

             “I’m Blu, this is Gaston, and this is Alan.” replied Blu.

             “I wish to be the strongest person in the world!” Gaston yelled.

             “Hold on a second,” the genie said sarcastically. “You just want me to go poof and grant your wish?! I don’t think so.”

            “But that’s your job, you know...genie, three wishes, duhh,” replied Gaston.

            “Hold up a second,” the genie said. “Who said I was a genie? As a matter of fact I’m a tzini named Jafar.”

             “Really,” Alan threw back. “Tzini is Greek for genie.”

            “Ugh, fine you’ve got me,”the genie rolled his eyes. “I’ll grant one of you your wish if you can show me that your wish is for more than yourself.” And with that the genie retreated back into his lamp.

            “Call me when you are ready,” he called with a slight wave (or what looked like a genie’s capability of a wave).

             Alan immediately knew what he wanted to do. If this works according to plan, I’ll be the richest man in the world. Mwa hahaha!! thought Alan. I’ll trick this insolent genie into thinking I’ll share the money with the poor. So Alan decided to go and make fake money and give it to the poor and tell  Jafar that he had given all of his meager savings to the poor. (He already had more than most of the sultans so you could hardly call it meager!)

             Meanwhile, Gaston thought to trick the genie as well. I will pretend to be helping the villagers build a new church while I’m just blending in with  the people while doing sets so that I don’t have to miss a workout. So Gaston and Alan started preparing for their schemes.

             As the two men were walking, (Gaston to the new church site and Alan to find a cluster of poor people) they happened to notice that Blu was sitting and talking to a homeless family and helping them with their chores.

            Haha! My idea will surely win. Helping out with chores compared to what I’m "doing"? they both thought.

             The townspeople were grateful for the help of all three of them. They had not yet realized Alan and Gaston’s  schemes, and Blu, Alan, and Gaston returned to the genie with soaring hopes of their wish being granted.

           “Back so soon?” asked Jafar

           “We sure are,” replied Gaston.

           “Well, what did each of you do?” asked Jafar.

           “I gave all of my meager savings to the poor,” said Alan with an innocent look on his face.

           “And I helped build the new church,” replied Gaston trying not to look guilty.

           “And you Blu?” asked Jafar.

          “I helped a homeless family with their chores,” answered Blu meekly.

         “Wow! This is like two lies and a truth,” laughed the genie.

         Uh oh! thought Gaston and Alan, Hopefully he is talking about someone or something else! 

           Blu sighed. I guess if the genie doesn’t choose me, I guess I will have to acquiesce his decision even though this would mean I will be able to go home from this terrible trip and my dad will be completely healthy.

          “And the winner is…… drumroll please……..Blu,” Jafar overenthusiastically announced while gritting his teeth.

        “What???” screeched Alan and Gaston simultaneously. 

         Jafar suddenly pulled out a piece of glass. “This is my mgc glass.

       I watched each and every one of you. I saw Gaston not helping the people build the church like he said he did , and Alan making fake money to hand out. But I did also see that Blu was helping a homeless family with pure intentions and I knew that he was the one who deserved a wish. Oh, and did I mention that the 2 losers are stripped from their greatest treasure?” With that, Jafar snapped his fingers.

       Gaston was looking at himself in the mgc glass and saw as he turned into what looked like a gorgon and shrieked, “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Nooooooo!”

         Alan also happened to be looking at the mgc glass and saw his fine clothes turn into rags and also shrieked as he appeared to be beginning to melt to the ground much like the wicked witch of the west.


        “Well that sure was a riches to rags story,” laughed Jafar. “Anyways, what is your wish, Blu?”

    “Well, my wish is that my father gets healthy,” Blu confessed.

            “I’m afraid I can’t do that,” he responded.

            “Oh, no! Did he die?” choked Blu.

            “No, silly! He is alive and well thanks to you paying the doctor to come

and heal him!

You don’t need a genie for that! exclaimed Jafar.

            “Well, then I guess you can have my wish,” insisted Blu.

            “Well, I wish to become my human self again,” proclaimed Jafar.

 There was a flash of light, and  poof, he turned into the evil character Jafar from Aladdin.

 “Mwa ha ha! I have returned!”

            “Oh, no!” groaned Blu.

The End


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