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Chapter one


“Ever since the kittens first mission they’ve been training all night and day.” Said guard cat. “ Honestly, i’m worried about them.”  “ Do not worry, guard cat they are strong.” replied sensi cat. While the cats were training trouble stirred in claw town.” “BEEP!BEEP! BEEP! BEEP!”  The the trouble alarm sounded. Water cat went down the water chute , grass cat surfed on a thorn from water cats wave to the grass chute , earth cat made the field of spikes turn to dust and sped to the earth chute , fire cat back flipped into the fire chute .


The cats were getting in their vehicles then... BOOM! An explosion happened about a mile away. The cats hurried to the source of the explosion. And of course it had to be some of Doom Dogs servants. But they weren’t dogs they were scorpions. “ Hey,” said grass cat “ I thought that the scorpions were captured by sensi cat.” The nearest scorpion turned and answered the question for them “ Yes, the puny cat locked us up for centuries. But, as you see we escaped. And now we will tear you apart,one at a time.” said the mad scorpion. Then none of them knew what happened but there was a electrical shock and the scorpions were captured. “Whoah”. Said grass cat. “That was awesome!  “Oh come on we could have taken them down with one paw behind our back.” said fire cat. “No you couldn’t have,” said sensi cat said “ you would have been destroyed.” “ Uh, have you seen us fight sensi.” Yes, and you are strong, but not strong enough.”



Chapter two


“I wonder who that was back there. That cat was in and out in a flash, like poof and the cat was gone.” said grass cat enthusiastically. “I wonder if that cat is coming back any time soon.” asked water cat. “I hope not he’s stealing my thunder.” said rock cat. “Your thunder, i am the one who controls electricity.” said the mysterious voice. “ Wait a minute if you control the electricity, then you must be a element cat too!”yelled grass cat. “Yes indeed i am. “Who are you?” asked the mysterious cat( we think that he is the electric cat.)   “We are some of the last element cats. Our fathers and mothers died protecting the village.” said grass cat. “Well i indeed am the electric cat, and i suggest that i leave now or they will find me.”  “Who will find you?” asked water cat.


“Well, who is going to tell sensi that we found another element cat? Because i'm not gonna, you know that he’s going to be mad.” said water cat. “Oh come on guys don’t be sissy’s.” said fire cat. “ Ok then you do it.” said rock cat.  “All in favor of fire cat telling raise your paw.” every cat raised they’re paw.


Chapter three


“So - uh sensi we sort of might of found another element-OF!” sensi cat kicked fire cat in the stomach.”What did you just say?” “We found another element cat.” said fire cat with caution. “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” screamed sensi cat as he kicked fire cat in the nose. “Well what are you waiting for, go find that cat!” As they were leaving the temple grass cat felt someone stepping on a plant “There!” pointed grass cat. Right where he was pointing was the electricity cat. “Well, well, well, what do we have here? An intruder? In that case… ATTACK !” screamed fire cat. But no one moved a muscle, well except for grass cat who was jumping with admiration.


“Oh come on! Will anyone attack?! YOU LITTLE- AAAAGGGGHHHH! “ fire cat was zapped with a thunderbolt. “Whoa.” said grass cat in a squeaky voice, though as much as she tried to hide it there was still admiration in her voice.  “That was awesome. Squeaked grass cat. “Now where is your sensei?I want to talk to him.” said electricity cat. “Very well then,” said sensi cat “lets talk.”


Chapter four


After sensi cat and electricity cat came out of the temple, “ Cats we have come to a decision, said sensi cat “ electricity cat is now on the team.” “YES!” screamed everyone except fire cat.


Fire cat was so used to everybody listening to his orders that he didn’t want anybody taking that away… so he set up a trap at cat square. Nobody would see this coming. Thought Fire cat. Five minutes later he called electricity cat to join him on a walk but he insisted that he walked on the left side of him, but electricity cat thought that something was up, so he walked on the left… of the fish shop witch was on the right of fire cat, but he didn’t seem to care. Which seemed suspicious to electricity cat, but he had no choice. As soon as they turned to cat square fire catv got stuck in a trap “HELP ME !!!!!” screamed fire cat electricity cat went to help but he got stuck in a trap made of metal. “YES!!” screamed fire cat , this was all part of his plan to catch electricity cat. “Looks like I caught you electricity cat,” Said fire cat mischievously. “ I knew you would be too stubborn to go on the left of me, so you would go on the right of me, then i would get in a trap, in which you would try to save but get caught in a trap right next to this trap, therefore you would never be a good leader.” Sneered fire cat mischievously.


Chapter five.


“I wonder where fire cat was taking electricity cat?” asked grass cat worryingly. “I don’t know, we should probably go and look for electricity cat.” said water cat nervously. “Come on, one more level please.” asked earth cat pleadingly. “MMMMMM, fine.” spit out grass cat angrily. Twenty minutes later… “Time to start  looking fo fire cat and electricity cat now.” said grass cat impatiently. “OK.” Said earth cat disappointedly.


By the time that they got to where fire cat had taken electricity cat they were already gone. “We’ve searched the whole town now.” said grass cat worryingly. “ Maybe they went back to base?” said water cat hopefully. “Yeah.” said earth cat trying to improve the team’s mood, but failing miserably at doing so.


When they got back to the base they saw something that they never thought would ever happen in element cat history.


Chapter six


They saw electricity cat tied up and fire cat kicking while he was unconscious. “HEY, FIRE CAT, WHY ARE YOU KICKING THE CRAP OUT OF ELECTRICITY CAT!” asked grass cat angrily. “Uuuuhhhh, we’re playing around?” said fire cat. “ YEAH RIGHT, I’M GOING TO-” “You are going to do what?” asked sensi cat. “Nothing!” said grass cat a little too quickly. “So, what’s going on?” asked sensi cat suspiciously. “ Fire cat was beating up electricity cat!” yelled grass cat angrily.


“In that case, if you would like to, you guys could fight each other in the ring.” said sensi cat. The ring is the dangerous place anyone could fight, there’s meteors,monsters,spikes and, dogs. So, like an idiot fire cat said “ Ok. Tomorrow at 10:00 at night. Or else i will instantly win and electricity cat will leave.” said fire cat.


Chapter 7, the ring.


It was almost 10:00 and grass cat wasn’t there yet, sensi cat was just about to announce fire cat the winner then grass cat showed up at 10:00 exactly. “Well,well,well, you finally showed up, i always knew you were slow, but that slow,wow. I’m surprised that you’re even an element cat with how slow you are.” sneered fire cat “Well at least I don’t attack people while their weak and hurt.” said grass cat. “Let the fight begin!” yelled sensi cat.Instantly fire cat blasted grass cat with a powerful flame, he was badly weakened but kept fighting, using meteors for cover.


An hour had passed and fire cat had finally found him, they were each fighting full strength, but soon grass cat was on his knees when he realized that fire cat never used his powers pure, somebody was impersonating him, trying to break the team up.So he yelled “ TIME OUT!” to try to tell sensi cat that this was not the real fire cat. Then he saw what was happening, sensi cat was barely holding himself against 20 large scorpions.


Chapter 8


Fire cat was trapped after trying to burn his way out of the trap many but it just wouldn’t work. “Save your energy fire cat,” said water cat “ you're gonna need so that we can get out of this castle alive.” “Well, at least i’m trying instead of just sitting here doing nothing.” said fire cat coldly. “Actually, i am, i’m waiting because,unlike you, i know how to make a plan.” said water cat. “Well then, what’s your plan?” fir cat asked. “You know how earth cats been working on his move and he can make a rock knife now,when he wakes up he can make one and use it to cut his ropes the he can cut our ropes, the make us some surf boards so that we can ride one of my waves out of here.” said water cat in that i’m always right and your always wrong type of voice.


Then earth cat woke up. “Hey earth cat can you make one of those rock knives and cut everyone's ropes then make some surf boards so that we can ride on one of my waves and get out of this creepy old castle?” asked water cat. “Well, i just woke up and really want save energy for the fight-” “IF YOU DON’T CUT US OUT THEN THERE WON’T BE A FIGHT TO DO BECAUSE GRASS CAT IS FIGHTING LORD FIRE SCORPION!” screamed fire cat. “ ok then i'll do it.” said earth cat.


Chapter 9


Grass cat was just about to fall when he heard water,that couldn’t be right there was no water within three miles of here , unless water cat was coming! He was suddenly sweeped up off the ground and onto a ledge as a huge fireball rocketed toward where he was standing.


Then a red fist went straight through where the ball of fire came from, when all the heat was gone,all we found was an exoskeleton of a scorpion. When we looked harder we finally found fire cat under a bunch of debris, which earth cat easily lifted of using rock magic.


THE END!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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