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The District

By Owen Sansburn

“I am the overseer of The Super Edible Eggs District or The S.E.E.D for short. The S.E.E.D is a highly controlled government experiment in which the “participants” only eat eggs genetically modified to have all the daily nutrients a human body needs. the purpose of this experiment is to see if the human body can tolerate all the genetically modified ingredients, G.M.I ‘s for short, if this experiment is a success the Government will pass a law allowing food manufacturers to put in as many G.M.I’s In their food as they feel necessary. I feel as this would be catastrophic for our governments economy so I urge all of you to rebel against the government and break free from this prison… muffled screaming…”

That was the message that started it all. That message was broadcasted to everyone's television screens. At first there was confusion

“Who was this?”

“Why did they contact us?”

“Should we listen to what they said?” everyone wondered

Then the district split into two groups the pro rebellion and anti rebellion or the anti eggs and the pro eggs. The argument for the anti eggs was that we needed to listen to the message and break free from this inhumane experiment. The argument for the pro eggs is that we have lived this way for so long why should we stop now, because some mysterious overseer told us to?

First it was only petty arguments and then small fights but it was not long before a full on war broke out between the two groups there was massive bloodshed on both sides and neither group could seem to gain an advantage, but slowly but surely the anti eggs numbers started to dwindle and as soon as there was an chance that the side that they had fought for would lose they hurried over to the pro eggs where they thought that they could seek shelter but they were promptly executed. I was recording in one of the last anti egg bases when a few of the pro egg planes dropped some small bombs in just the right places to make the whole building collapse only me and a few others made it to the bunker on time

A few days later

“Wait did this thing really survive the bombing” I said. “Wow you really just can't break these things.” I was the last of the anti egg filmmakers to survive the bombing I hadn’t eaten or drank in days the base was reduced to rubble and only me and a few others survived we had no way of defending ourselves we had no shelter all we were able to salvage out of the rubble was a few shovels a bucket of non potable water and a few small bags of small rock like things they each have very strange names like carrot and watermelon

“ Just bury them we will come back for them later. If we need them” said the commander

“Ok whatever you say commander” I said and then I buried them

“Great now where’s that water” the commander asked

“I tripped and spilled the water over the buried rock things” I said apologetically “did you at least get the bucket”

he sighed “well it slipped out of my hand and into a nearby river” I said

“ just go sit over there and don't do anything ok?” said the commander angrily

I woke up and Jim, Jerry and the commander had all abandoned me in the middle of nowhere I didn’t know I was that annoying. I had managed to make a small fire and make a primitive shelter but I still had no food or water “I could eat the small rock things and river water is usually drinkable” I thought “I should move my small shelter towards the river, but that would take days. I thought for a while well I guess it's better than starving well I better get to sleep it will be a long journey ahead.”thought nervously.

I woke up this morning and it was hot and humid terrible weather for hiking, but I had to I had to survive. I started hiking and I had made it about a mile when I heard gunshots coming from behind me I could have ran away towards the river or I could have hid in nearby trees or just waited but I did none of those things I stupidly walked towards it thinking whoever it was they could maybe help me but I found quite the opposite I walked into the middle of an execution it was a few pro eggs with guns shooting the anti egg traitors. I ran away as fast as I could but one of the executioners ran after me and started shooting at me luckily he was not a very good shot and missed all but one of his shots that bullet went straight into my left thigh and the pro egg soldier quickly caught up to me and dragged me back through the mud to the execution the traitors were lying dead on the ground with one clean bullet wound in their forehead they would have killed me the same way if at that exact moment a bear had not surprised the executioners and scared them away if this was a story I would say that the author was running out of ideas, but this is not a story so I was just very very lucky. The bear just wandered back off into the woods. I started slowly hobbling back towards the river I had to set up camp about halfway between the execution site and the river I was in so much pain from the bullet wound I couldn’t go any farther I setup my little shelter and dressed my wound with leaves and grass, but I decided not to make a fire to not attract the attention of the executioners that were probably still out there looking for me.

The next morning I woke up and took down my small shelter, redressed my wounds and started hobbling along I was three quarters of the way there and then I saw them not the executioners but my fellow anti egg supporters Jim Jerry and The Commander walking along

“HEY” I shouted angrily

“Shh the executioners might hear us” the commander whispered

“US? You left me to die at the bomb shelter And now your saying US. your no better than the people were fighting” I said furiously

“Ok, we’re sorry for leaving you” they all said in unison

“Sorry doesn't put food in my stomach or heal a bullet wound or..” I said before I was interrupted

“Wait, you got shot?” Jim said nervously

“No, I know what your thinking don’t do it Jim” said Jerry to Jim warningly

“We already left him to die once I’m not doing it again ” Jim says while tossing me a top of the line first aid kit

“Will it do the job?” I ask

“I think it can fix a bullet wound” said Jim

I don’t know what happened after that because Jim put a mask on me that put me to sleep but when I woke up only Jim was left in the camp.

“The other two said they were going to get a better lay of the land and they never came back” Jim said sadly

“Those little..” I muttered under my breath

“We should probably move out of here we don’t want to have the executioners find us” Jim said

“Yeah but we should get some rest first”said “there not going to find us all the way out here in the woods”

Suddenly I woke up, a huge meteor at least I thought it was had landed about ten miles from our camp I decided not to wake up Jim and go to check out the meteor alone that was the biggest mistake of my life the meteor turned out to be a plane sent by a rebel organization and they flew me out of their quicker that I could tell them to stop. Then I watched them blow the whole district to pieces. Jim and hundreds of thousands of other lives went with the district, and the rebellion never thought that their might be innocent people in there.

The End

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