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One beautiful day in august in two thousand and thirteen and it was my birthday

“Isabella come down stairs please,” my mom called up the stairs. My dad works at the apple store almost all of the time when im home he's not when i'm gone he's there with my mom. But my mom is a stay at home mom with my two younger brother Josh and Aiden. But Josh was 7 and Aiden was 2. When I thought about it I noticed that this very day I was about to be a teenager. Right when my dad walked into the door he immediately said that he would be right back. But right when he said that he would be right back I knew it involved with work or he just had a huge gift for me. When he had walked back into the room It felt like a earthquake threw out my body. When he came into the room with nothing in his hand besides his wallet and phone but one thing that I noticed was his credit card was out of his wallet,that was strange because he is kind of a freak out when it comes to money. When I had noticed that he must have got something super expensive because he usually only uses cash,So he doesnt get robbed. But when he took one step out of the door there was a truck pulled up with two people taking out a cover up cube looking thing but right when we go inside and I blew out the candles out and my dad ripped off the cover to the thing. Then it was a full on gaming pc and right behind is was a 24.5 inch omen pc gaming monitor.I ran towards my dad like haven't seen him in years. I hugged him more than I ever have before. Then right away me and my dad took the pc up the stairs carefully and hooked it up right on my desk.When it was fully set up I started to download was League of Legends as soon as that downloaded.

Then next day my dad burst into my room saying that there are tournaments this Sunday at the Oakbrook Microsoft store they host tournaments for certain games and League of Legends was one of those games. Although I was gonna hang out with friends I wanted to try and see how good the people are so, I know how everyone at the tournament plays Sunday at 5:30 so for the next 4 day I practiced every character that I could possibly play. But one hour before the tournament I shouted threw out my whole house.

“I'm gonna win this whole thing,” I said like I was the king and everyone else were peasants.

Then suddenly my Dad shouted up the stairs, “Hey what are you doing up there?” than once he walk thru my door he started to talking saying

“Hey remember that you can't be too cocky,because you don't how good the people at the tournament yet because you don't know that one of these people could be pro.Then if you got there and act cocky they will talk trash if you lose, also there will always be people who are better then you or they will think that they are better than you.Also you might think that right now that your the best right now but you have been playing this game for only a few days now you can't possibly be the best player in the world.When you get all of your hopes up and you lose you get super depressed and then your in a mood for the rest of that day.” So then I replied with some sorrow in my voice “Are you doubting me that I can't win”he shouted up the stairs then my dad just walk out of the room but when he was walking down the stair he just said forget it I don't even want to get into this conversation right now I don't have enough time for this.” I don't if he knows that I was just joking about that.


We finally pulled into the parking lot to the first tournament.we need to go up about two or three floors because of how many people were hear at the mall. Once the car stopped I already unbuckled my seat belt I was halfway out the door and then my dad argued, “Uh uh uh stop right there at least wait for the car to stop.” I slowly closed the door then once I seen the gear switch to park I whipped open the door there was a loud bang when I closed the door I ran threw the street and straight up the escalator turned left but nearly feel on the ground people started looking at me like I was getting chased.although started to run towards the starbucks and a huge group of people bursted out of the star bucks so,I slowly but surely creeped past the people. Then I turned the corner and tried to open the door I kind of tried to push the door instead of pulling I ran straight into the glass door.Then a lady looked down at me asking me if I was ok but I didn't reply but I just open the door and asked one of the employees where is the tournament the he pointed straight towards the back of the store I slide past everyone at the counter and took the last seat that was between a little kid who looked 5 but then I looked to my right and it was a strange guy that I watched when I was sitting down but there was a guy sitting on the side lines that I guessed was this little kids dad so I turned grabbed the mouse and started setting up my key binds then the little kid ask me

“Excuse me” He kind of shouted threw the whole entire store but the I replied

“Yes”  he just mumbled something in his shoulder he repeated it again

“How do you open up the leaderboard” so I just said to him,

“if you don't know anything just go to your keybinds and switch what it is”

I heard the crowd behind me just screaming like I was a big celebrity “Oh no way she just did that”just over and over again then I just looked to my left  my dad walked threw the door with auntie anne’s and I moved into a bush and darted towards my dad like I haven't eaten in days,he gave me a cup of pretzel so I darted back to my chair when I was a foot away from my chair then the little kid killed my and started laughing and

“Hahaha you shouldn't have left your game because you know I can just turn my head and see your screen how dumb” so I didn't even talk so I tried to target him for the rest of the game it was about the same of skill spread out threw the two teams pretty evenly when I destroyed one of these inhibitors I screamed out the kid

“Ha ha thats what you get for being to cocky then I turned winked at my dad  he gave me just a head nod get two notifications at the top of my screen saying “enemies turret destroyed.”I went down the path with the weakest turret I broke the last turret to the path then it was to the kingdom I ran in there with no minions and I almost died so I teleported out of the kingdom and the little kid started getting a little annoyed and I knew because you can just see his face.


To begin with my teammate who was right across from me and then he just randomly jumped up like he was gonna die and right when I look back at my screen.Once with  the crowd just going wild behind me it said Victory spread across my screen then I jumped up and ran to the other side of the table and grab around the employee like I had just won the lottery.Although he had the strangest look on his face like he had never got a hug from a random person before. But if I think about it It seems really weird but i just went with it until he started to force away from me a little and when this happen the whole entire crowd went quiet like they were at a funeral so i stop and walk back to my area and was just quiet for the rest of the time until one of the employes came out with the prizes for my team and I thought to myself in my head like yes the employes handed me a 25 dollar gift card. Then I darted toward my dad he mumbled with a confused voice

“When did you win?” When I heard this I was about to freak out that he didn't see it but I didn't care because I won money and the I just shouted to him

“Hey let's just go home right now,”in a likely mannerI darted towards the door so my dad was thank the employee for letting me play that a slowly walked back and grabbed his hand and started to pull him all the way to the door and then when we got to the door there was a prepaid card that's reloadable so it's basically a credit card so I hooked it up to my paypal in the car I looked in the app store there was a app made by mlg I downloaded it and bought some coins to enter a tournament that they were hosting 2 hours later and we were about and hour away from home so that means that I will only have 1 hour to practice.


When we got home I powered on my pc turns out there was a update to my pc. That took 30 long minutes.But it felt like ten years but when my pc was done with the update I could play one short game.When I got the email so then I could join the tournament.They said that

“Due to the update there will be a little delay on the tournament it will be held at 6pm est later today good luck to all who entered the tournament.” I thought to myself yes I can get some practice in but when I got the invite to the tournament I join and it sounded like people were doing so I turned off my sound to my pc.The game started rough because the people took our first turret.But I destroyed a turret on the top path by,the time I died from all the people coming to try to kill me for destroying the turret two more of there turrets got destroyed.Then we were basically into their kingdom but we just got pushed back a little behind there walks but once we got into the kingdom there were four people just waiting for people to come around the corner but luckily I had my whole team behind me.I also had minion in front of me so then I won't be targeted by the turrets like how a dog targets food I will be able to attack the turrets and annihilator better.When we all heard one sound we all scatter like there was a bomb but in the game the like a tank that will destroy anything in the game.But there was a random kid just hitting their main inhibitor and I just randomly when everyone was fighting people,victory just spread across my screen. I thought to the myself the other team must be so mad because, it was a minion that won the game I bet they thought it was a bug in the game.Also or we are hacking the game just in general but I started cheering like I won a huge prize like I won a million dollars.But I won 300$ to pay for add ons to my pc plus my birthday money that I have been saving up for last few years.So I could buy my own pc and just sounds like i'm fully grown.Also seem like im cool at school because I have a few hundred dollar pc.But a few a days after the tournament my mom got contacted by someone who was from a professional team for league of legends,he ask if I wanted to play with four of their team members from the mlg.I felt like I was gonna have a heart attack my heart was beating faster than a cheetah and after we played a just a few games the leader of the mlg team he ask if I Wanted to compete in the tournaments.Again I was like

“really are you joking with me or something because this isn't very funny,“  he just replied with a low and just straight forward

“No,” so I squealed like I was getting murdered ,next he pulled out a contract of his backpack.Then he just handed me a paper with a line at the bottom of the paper that I just sign my first and last name ,so I just said with a very curious voice if you play with us you then have to be on the team I signed a contract.Then after a couple minutes of discussing what's gonna happen next he said “now your in Optic.”When I heard that I was running in circles like a chicken with its head cut off,With shrieks ever so often

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