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One foggy morning joe was out on a walk. He had made a new years resolution to walk every morning. He was the mayor of faterson county. He was walking and this limping dog went in front of him. He thinks to himself what is this dog doing on the streets and who is its owner. Joe grabs his phone and calls the pound to pick up the dog till the owner comes to get it. Joe asks the secretary if they could help with the dog’s limp. The secretary says they could try.


20 days later……..


Joe keeps coming back to the pound to see if that dog’s owner got him yet. He says to himself nobody has come in 20 days I will just take it home with me. He starts to fill out the form to get the dog and he stops the breed. The pound workers couldn’t find out what breed the dog was so he skipped it. Joe took the dog home. When joe was feeding the dog, the dog turned around and jumped on joe. The dog started to eat joe. Nobody has seen joe or the dog ever since. The breed was alien.


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