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The drive home from work was so dark,  I took the long way home to avoid traffic, the road was damp from the afternoon rain storm. Rounding the corner, an animal lay on the ground besides a smoking car. I came to a stop and the driver was sitting there. “Hey are you okay? I asked the driver mumbled “what happened” all covered in blood, large piece of glass stuck into his side. The man has lost a lot of blood, “Here I’ll get you out” I pulled as hard as I could the door wouldn't open, I then tried to lift the young man out of the window. I called  the police they came immediately, they safely brought him to the hospital, I followed. Once we got to the hospital, and the man called his wife she came and they thanked me for being in the right place at right time. To find out after, that if I had not come around the corner the man would of bled to death.

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