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Ava is laying in her bed as a familiar yet  scary shadow appeared on the wall, similar to the nights before. Pulling the blankets over her face to hide from the shadow, Ava feels a cool breeze blow over her. Glancing around the room in search of the shadow, she hears a noise from down the hall. Hopping out of bed Ava tiptoes down the stairs to the kitchen to find the shadow on the granite counter-top. Ava sits down in a black chair, she is now face to face with the shadow wanting to talk but the whistle only gets louder and louder. The one thing between the shadow and Ava is the granite counter-top. The shadow continues to move through the house as if its flying, leaving Ava confused but curious so she starts to follow it again. Tiptoeing to the living the room Ava finds the shadow has disappeared but the whistling wont stop. Following the sound of the whistle around the house, Ava begins to realizes that to bring the shadow back all she has to do is to stop chasing things that only bring out the worst in her.

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